Drug Treatment Team | House of Freedom

Olga Morales


Jose Y. Mendez

Medical Director / Psychiatrist

Alejandro Campos

Residential Treatment Director

Sherlley Y. Campos

Clinical Director/Psychotherapist

Carlos J. Morales

Spiritual Counselor

Jose A. Rivera

Medical Consultant

Orlando Vargas

Director of Research Development/Neuroimaging Specialist

Jesus E. Morales

Addictions Counselor

Alexis Diaz

Addictions Counselor

Wilmer Rodriguez

Addictions Counselor

Edgar Colon

Nutritional Director

Isabel Benitez

Executive Assistant

Deborah Morales

Admissions Coordinator

Jenisabel Morales

Assessment & Referral Specialist

John Buschman

Recovery Coach

Angel Rodriguez

Recovery Coach

Felix J. Campos

Recovery Coach

Cheliz Peña

Clinical Assistant