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Addiction Treatment Facilities

State of the Art Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

There is a saying in the real estate business that says “location, location, location.” Well, in substance abuse and mental health House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida likes to say “facilities, facilities, facilities.” We say this because we understand that the facilities where someone is going to recover from drug or alcohol dependency play so a huge role in whether or not the person has an actual chance at recovery.

Many individuals who had a lifestyle where drugs and alcohol are were present on a constant basis, tend to be exposed to certain dangers more than others. Sometimes individuals have to go to high crime areas to purchase their drug of choice, or rely on someone to bring it to them. This type of lifestyle is full of hate, betrayal, envy and crime among other evil characteristics. Therefore when an individual is exposed to this for longs periods of time, they tend to have difficulty trusting others which is it why it is required that the individual recovers in a drug treatment facility that promotes safety, trust, and care.

That is why House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida designed and created state-of-the-art addiction treatment facilities that provide a warm and welcoming environment. In order to serve our clients best, House of Freedom has three different drug rehab facilities with three different purposes to complement each other.

Main Florida Drug Rehab Center

Our main addiction treatment facility is located in beautiful Kissimmee, Florida, just minutes away from Walt Disney World and Florida’s Turnpike. We have a 52,000 square feet facility which houses the living facilities, gymnasium, sauna room, racquetball court, basketball court, serenity garden, barber shop, laundry, therapy rooms and dining room. Our atmosphere facilitates a comfortable environment, since we believe that the person served deserves to recover in a peaceful setting. Our facilities offers daily supervision 24 hours / 7 days a week, by professional staff members composed of board certified psychiatrist, licensed mental health counselors, certified addictions professionals, certified addictions counselors, and certified behavioral health technicians, whose purpose is to attend the individual’s needs and to provide crisis intervention.

Morales Estate Drug Treatment Facilities

Morales Estate also called “La Finca” is located in a countryside setting in Saint Cloud, Florida, not far from our main facility. The purpose is to help the individual have an even greater peace and retirement from city life, preventing early discontinuation and decreasing the emotional stress associated with the initial stages of recovery. In Morales Estate our residents can find various therapeutic and recreational activities including a full size basketball court, walking trails, horseback riding, gardening activities, and farm animals.

Puerto Rico Drug Rehabilitation Program

For the past 15 years, House of Freedom Puerto Rico has served as a center where families affected by addiction can receive therapeutic and spiritual services. The vision was first born in the heart of House of Freedom’s founder, Esteban Morales, and a group of parents that understood how necessary it was for the family nucleus to heal through a process of recovery. Services such as crisis intervention, one on one counseling, workshops, family groups, and spiritual services are all available at this location.