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How to Become Admitted

admissions1The first step to becoming admitted into House of Freedom is your decision. You can initiate the process by either downloading and filling out the admissions forms and/or – contacting our admission team at
1 (888) 796-8040.

We also have recruiting offices in Cupey, Puerto Rico where we have a support group for the families of those afflicted in the area of Puerto Rico.

  • Download, read and fill out admission forms
    (forms can also be requested via fax or regular mail).
  • Contact
    admission coordinator for questions about forms and or the program.
  • Set up an interview
    (can be via telephone) with friend or family member who will be in charge, including financially and in making decisions throughout the recovery process.
  • Set up an interview
    (can be via telephone) with the individual that will be admitted into the program.
  • Send payment
    (via cashier’s check, wire-transfer, or cash deposit).* (*personal checks are not accepted)
  • If applicable
  • inform the program of flight: name of airline, arrival date and time, and what the individual will be wearing to arrange pick-up from the airport.