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Micronutrient Testing

Micronutrient Testing

Most drug rehabs in the world do not provide or offer micronutrient testing. But House of Freedom is not like most drug rehabs in the world and that is why we offer it here at House of Freedom.

First, let’s define what is a micronutrient. Micronutrients are nutrients required by humans and other organisms throughout life in small quantities to orchestrate a range of physiological functions. Some of these micronutrients include iron, cobalt, chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc, among many other vitamins such as A, D, K, E, etc.

The micronutrient test that we offer here at House of Freedom is like no other in the word. Our micronutrient test measures how micronutrients are actually functioning within the white blood cells. It allows us to measure the function of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids. Scientific evidence shows us that analyzing the white blood cells gives us the most accurate analysis of a body’s deficiencies.

This test allows a nutritional assessment like no other for a broad variety of clinical conditions including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, various immunological disorders, metabolic disorders and micronutrient deficiencies.

Our comprehensive test demonstrates the following micronutrients:

Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids Antioxidant Carbohydrate Metabolism Fatty Acids Metabolites
A, C, D, K Calcium Asparagine Alpha Lipoic Acid Chromium Oleci Acid Choline
B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 Magnesium Glutamine Coenzyme Q10, Cystenine Fructose Sensitivity Inositol
Biotin Manganese Serine Gluathione Glucose-Insulin Metabolism Carnitine
Folate Zinc Selenium
Pantothenate Copper Vitamin E