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Thank you for contacting us.

Next we will explain part of the program, its benefits, and the cost.
Our objective is to have a personal relationship with you to better determine which program suits not only your relative or loved one, but also you, as the financial provider.

House of Freedom is a faith-based private institution located in Kissimmee, Florida. Our goals are to rehabilitate the 3 most important areas of the human being: The Spirit, Soul and Body.


To rehabilitate the Spirit we have spiritual leaders who are responsible for individual and group therapies. In addition, clients will assist our church services during the week.


In the clinical department we count with phsycologists who are responsible for individual and group therapies. These therapies are designed to develop the charachter necessary to fight against the dependency of substance abuse. The mental condition of the client will also be evaluated to determine if psychiatric treatment is necessary.


In the physical department we count with state of the art equipment known as SAT (Sauna Aroma Therapy). This treatment consist of a regimine of theraputic baths and cardiovascular exercises that eliminate residues of drug and alcohol that are in the body. This treatment not only relaxes the body, but also eliminates the desire the client may have had for the substance.

House of Freedom does not have a set time for the rehabilitation of our clients. We understand that every client is different, and progresses in different time frames. The evaluation process consist of 5 stages, each stage should be completed prior to satisfactory completing the program. Each stage, has an average time of completion of 3 months. It important to mention that it is un-common for clients to develop the characteristics of each stage in 3 months. It is though common the course period of more than 15 months for the completion of the 5 stages.

We have progams that are more intense, as well as programs with less details. To better explain the differences in these programs and their costs, we will perform a pre-screening evaluation with the posible client; this will help in determining which programs best suit the client. Please contact us at 407-957-9077 to set an appointment, which can be done through telephone if you are outside of the U.S.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We able and available to answer all your questions.

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