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Medical Detox

Medical Detox

Florida Drug Treatment Center Detox Program

House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida has a 30-day drug detox program designed for individuals who want to begin their process of recovery. Because not everyone has the convenience of staying longer in drug treatment, this program helps individuals start their new sober lifestyle on the right foot and with the right tools in order to avoid a relapse. Through the use of psychotropic medications, natural vitamin supplements, sauna baths, essential oils, cardiovascular exercises, balanced diets, neurotransmitter testing, brain SPECT imaging and the supervision of health professionals such as psychiatrist and others, we seek to restore the body’s own natural detoxification system. Research has proven that the combination of these can alleviate early withdrawal symptoms and detoxify the body from drug resides that traditionally increase the chances for an individual to relapse after addiction treatment.

For many individuals who suffer from substance abuse or alcoholism, this detox is the first step that they must undergo on before they are able to embark on a drug treatment plan. Detox is the process of getting alcohol or other drugs out of the individuals system and getting them physically stable.

This procedure is best conducted in a facility like House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida, because House of Freedom has state-of-the art drug rehab facilities, experience and the staff to make detox as safe as possible. Medical detox safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal. For example, when a person withdraws from alcohol dependence, in a small proportion of cases the individual may experience delirium (the DT’s), seizures, nausea, rapid heart rate, tremors and other symptoms.

During this initial stage of detoxification, the client may be prescribed medication to make the detoxification process safer and easier. This may be done gradually in order to reduce the amount of the addictive substance until the person has completely withdrawn. Or they may have the patient take a medical substitute for the addictive substance (such as buprenorphine for individuals addicted to heroin.)

Florida Drug Detox Process
Years ago, people equated detoxification with drug rehabilitation; some mistakenly maintain this believe today. But detoxification is just the first step in order to get the individual to be able to engage in a treatment plan that will work the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction. That is why House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida has created this unique addiction treatment program approach so that once the individual has detoxified from the substance he was consuming, he may start treatment right away not allowing any time between services thus enhancing the opportunities for a successful recovery.


  • Comprehensive addiction assessments (including Addiction Severity Index)
  • Comprehensive biopsychosocialspiritual assessments
  • Comprehensive psychiatric assessments and medication management (by Board Certified Psychiatrist)
  • Individualized treatment plans (with a medical, psychological, social and spiritual focus)
  • Brain SPECT (Single-photon emission computed tomography) imaging
  • Neurotransmitter testing
  • Safe and secure detoxification “detox”
  • Living in Balance 12-core sessions
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Relapse prevention skills training
  • Individual, group and family therapy provided by Licensed Mental Health professionals, Certified Addictions Professionals and Certified Addictions Counselors
  • Twelve step facilitation therapy
  • Physical education and conditioning
  • Random Urinalysis
  • Detailed after care plan development for ongoing treatment after discharge
  • Continued Care after discharge