Career & Educational Development
Career & Educational Development

Career & Educational Development

Career & Educational Development

Planned Success after Addiction Treatment

One of the most important aspects of drug treatment is how well the individual may triumph after discharge regardless of the level of care that the individual received. Because getting on the right foot in your career can make all of the difference. That is why House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center emphases so much on career and educational development. We believe that it is our mission to guide our clients through the process of education, career and personal inventory in preparing them for success in the global workforce.

We always like to ask the question; did the individual leave our drug treatment better off than when he/she came in?

We do not necessarily want to measure this only in the aspect of how well physically or mentally the person is in comparison to when they first started their treatment. But in the aspect of how prepared is this person to succeed in life. We believe that if individual is able to enjoy a better quality of life they will have less of a chance to relapse.

Since each individual is different we understand that all needs are different and that is why we customize each career and educational development program to the needs, abilities, strengths, and preferences of the individual.

Take Advantage of our Business & Professional Network

Because House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida has been around since 1991, we have established a profound network that allows us to help individuals in addiction treatment seek employment opportunities in their related fields. This translates into higher job placement while spending less time looking for a job. Plus, we have seen thru our years of experience how attending school or getting the job you always wanted, can be so therapeutic in the recovery process.

Another great component of our career development program is the ability to prepare our clients for real-world interviews by having them interview with local companies in order for them to practice their interviewing skills. In addition, after the individual has concluded the training interview. They receive a list of recommendations on things they need to work on in order to enhance their opportunities for employment.

Our profound network not only helps individuals who are seeking employment get the job of their dream but individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge by attending school. Here at House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida, we have helped many individuals obtain their GED, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and even gotten individuals to continue their doctor’s level degrees.

Educational Computer Lab at Your Service

A computer lab in-house, which possesses all of the tools needed to be successful at education development, allows our clients to successfully and conveniently accomplish the tasks that are demanded of them without the need or burden of having them leave the Florida drug treatment facility. In addition to this, we have experienced professionals within our staff that provide tutoring services in the event that the client is in need of further assistance in a specific topic or course.

This combination is what has given House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida the high success rates that our clients enjoy year-to-year. We could not see an addiction treatment center without this essential tool that is so important in the recovery process of an individual.

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