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Residential Treatment

Residential Drug Treatment Program

Individuals who participate in House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida residential drug treatment program benefit from 24-hour care that provides them with all of the required tools to help them start their journey in recovery. This occurs at our 52,000 square feet state-of-the-art Florida drug treatment facility where they are cared by a group of professionals to help them in voyage to sobriety. During their participation of the residential addiction treatment program, individuals will participate of individual counseling, group therapy, medication management, psychiatric evaluations, recreational therapy, meditation exercises, sauna baths, career and educational development, family therapy, psychological assessments, cognitive behavioral therapy, physical conditioning, among many other amenities.

The interdisciplinary team of professionals is composed of primary health care physicians, board certified psychiatrist, licensed mental health professionals, certified addictions professionals, certified addictions counselors, certified e-therapist, certified behavioral health technicians, and certified personal trainers from the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) which are also certified P90X professionals.

An advantage of receiving residential drug treatment at House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida in comparison to other treatments where clients only see their counselors once a week, is the fact that our counselors are on site 7 days a week. Allowing our clients the benefit of seeing their counselors as often as needed. This translates into an effective drug treatment approach by not allowing important issues to go unattended until the next therapy session.

Another benefit is the fact that our interdisciplinary team can make an accurate assessment of the individual receiving addiction treatment by seeing their behavior and interactions with others on a constant basis. In other drug rehabilitation centers, the treatment team sees the client few times during the week, which can make it more difficult to assess the client’s true needs and progress. Because it is difficult to really identify someone’s needs by only seeing them once a week.

Our Florida Drug Rehab is Unique

As if this was not enough, House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida utilizes the most advance and effective technology available in the world to help treat addiction and mental illness. Out of the over 13,000 substance abuse/mental health facilities in the United States, House of Freedom’s residential addiction treatment program is the only one that offers the combination of brain SPECT imaging, neurotransmitter testing, DNA testing, Wellness and Fitness program, blood testing, and sleep quality studies in both English and Spanish.

For many individuals suffering from chemical dependency or mental health issues, residential drug treatment optimizes their ability to successfully recover and maintain a drug-free life. House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida offers short and long term residential treatment for those individuals that meet criteria. Additionally, House of Freedom has adopted an Evidenced-Based Practice (EBP) Curriculum: Living in Balance that seeks to help the individual recovery mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Living in Balance draws from cognitive, behavioral, and experiential addiction treatment approaches by employing the use of didactic education and instruction, written exercises, group process interaction through role plays and discussion, relaxation and visualization exercises, and group-oriented recreational therapy exercises.

Living in Balance promotes relapse prevention by helping persons served to:

  • Identify situations that trigger cravings
  • Understand the chain of events, including “small decisions,” that leads from trigger to drug use
  • Disrupt the chain at an early point
  • Cope with triggers by using thought-stopping, visualization, and relaxation techniques
  • Develop immediate alternatives to drug use
  • Develop a long-term play for full recovery
  • Work through recovery issues with written exercises

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