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Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy

Drug Treatment Doesn’t Have to be Boring

People who have suffered from addiction hold a faulty belief that there is no happiness in sobriety, which is a culprit in many of the occasions when an individual has a relapse. They believe that “life is boring” if they are not “getting high.” Often, based on this false impression they postpone their decision to embark on their road to recovery which sometimes leads to permanent damages that are regretful. Or sometimes the individual needing addiction treatment might use the lack of recreational activities as a reason not to seek treatment because they believe the treatment will be “boring.” Therefore, having such a recreational program is essential in any substance abuse treatment in order to adequately treat any co-occurring disorders that may be present and to adequately engage the individual in their treatment experience.

Taking this into consideration, House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida incorporates into each individual drug treatment plan a recreational activity curriculum, which is not only therapeutic in nature, but it also helps in developing the skills in dealing with downtime which is a common trigger among people in recovery. Each plan is tailored to the individual strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences in order to enhance its effectiveness and loyalty.

House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida believes that the more healthy activities an individual learns to enjoy, the better the chances to a successful recovery. If you think about it, the more an individual has to do that is productive and fun, the less time they have to engage in counterproductive activities such as using substances or drinking alcohol, consequently increasing their opportunities of a successful sober lifestyle. Plus, studies have shown that individuals who engage in an exercise routine, have higher success rates in recovery than those individuals that did not engage in an exercise routine.

Another added benefit of these recreational activities is the ability to teach the individual how to trust others and be a team player. In many of the lives of people who have suffered from substance abuse or mental health issues, trust is a big issue and if the individual does not learn how to trust others in his journey to recovery, his chances of succeeding at it are slim. This is accomplished in activities that involve a team effort such as softball games, basketball games, racquetball games, and ping pong games.

In addition, it also allows them to create new positive associations which did not exist before. Many times, individuals who suffered from addiction or alcoholism tend to related to for example, playing pool, with drinking alcohol or doing other drugs. With the recreational activities at House of Freedom, they learn that it is not mandatory to get drunk or do drugs in order to enjoy these activities.

Have Fun While in Addiction Treatment

House of Freedom’s Recreational Therapy Program includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Sauna baths
  • Softball games
  • Basketball groups
  • Gymnasium
  • Horseback riding (Equine Therapy)
  • Boat rides
  • Racquetball
  • Ping Pong
  • Walt Disney World Outings
  • Pools
  • NBA games
  • Beach outings
  • Music lessons
  • Restaurant dining
  • Outdoor running
  • Pool Table
  • Board games

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