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    Who are we?

    House of Freedom is a drug rehab center in Orlando Florida with more than 30 years of experience. Our mission is to provide comprehensive individualized care in a safe and compassionate environment to allow each person to serve the opportunity to attain and maintain their highest possible physical, psychological, and spiritual well being. This is accomplished through the core principles of Caring, Compassion, and Commitment in incorporating the patient’s strengths, input, abilities, preferences, unique circumstances, and specific resources throughout the addiction treatment center experience. Each area of concern will be thoroughly evaluated and treated by our multidisciplinary treatment team, composed of a psychiatrist, primary health physicians, mental health professionals, recreational therapists, certified addictions professionals, certified behavioral health technicians, and certified addictions counselors. All therapies attend to the specific strengths and weaknesses of each patient and are designed to promote feelings of self-worth and self-control.

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    House of Freedom is one of the few substance abuse treatment centers in the world to offer brain SPECT imaging to its patients. SPECT stands for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, a nuclear medicine study that looks at brain blood flow and activity patterns. It basically shows areas of the brain that work well, areas that are underactive and overactive. This information helps us customize drug treatment according to your brain function. Read More

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    Our new Oxygen Healing program incorporates one of the most innovative therapies in modern medicine to help speed up recovery: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We're proud to be one of the first clinics on the east coast to offer this breakthrough treatment. Read More

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    People who engage in a lifestyle that involves substance abuse may suffer from symptoms and conditions as a result of imbalances in their nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. That is why House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida not only addresses the drug treatment patient’s symptoms but also employs neuroscience to identify and treat root cause disturbances in order to restore and balance these systems resulting in better patient treatment outcomes. Read More



    Performing DNA tests on drug rehabilitation patients provides us with valuable insight on potential neurochemical imbalances and allows us to choose a course of action to treat the individual based on their genetic and biological predispositions. By zeroing in on the underlying causes of the neuropsychiatric/neurochemical condition, House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center is able to design more effective addiction treatment plans. Read More

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    This program is designed to take substance abuse treatment to the next level and to maximize the recovery process. Combining psychotropic medications, natural supplements, along with a well balance diet, has been shown to be a more effective way to treat individuals because it treats more than just the symptoms by addressing the root cause and at the same time educating the individual on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Read More


    I suffered a life of addiction for 9 years. I tried many other treatments for my addiction and none worked. My life was in chaos. I arrived at House of Freedom in 2007 and it is the only treatment that worked for me. You can really live a happy and drug-free life.

    bob house of freedom review
    Claire Sandovar 3 months ago

    We tried, so many times, to help my son get out of his addiction without success. But thank God, my son was able to enter House of Freedom and he has been drug-free since 2001. Today, my son is a professional, has his own family and lives full of joy.

    Ellipse 32
    John Rivera 3 months ago

    Because of my addiction, my family suffered a lot. I was about to lose my wife and children, but I was able to seek help at House of Freedom on time. I am clean of drugs since 2012 and I am enjoying my wife and children to the fullest.

    bob house of freedom review
    Matthew Brown 3 months ago

    When I was very young I had several legal problems. I almost went to jail for many years, but the House of Freedom team helped me just in time. During treatment, I was able to finish my studies and today I am a man of benefit to society. It was at House of Freedom that I also met the person that today is my dear wife.

    bob house of freedom review
    Joe Martin 3 months ago