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Family Support

Family Support

Addiction Treatment Fact – Family Also Needs Healing

Many times when we have a family member that is being affected by drug addiction, alcoholism, or a mental health issue, we tend to believe that the person who is suffering the most is the individual directly involved in the situation. But many times, it is just as hard for the individual’s family to cope with the fact that their loved one has been affected by the illness of substance abuse. In occasions this translates into co-dependency issues which affect the family as much as the individual consuming the drugs or alcohol.

Being aware of this fact, it is not an effective drug treatment approach to only treat the individual who is being directly affected by substance abuse or mental health problem. That is why House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida has developed one of the best family support/therapy systems in the world.

House of Freedom’s one of a kind family support/therapy system helps the family of the individual receiving drug rehabilitation heal alongside their loved one. When this occurs simultaneously, it has been shown that the success rates of recovery for the individual are much higher. Thus not doing it would be lessening the possibilities of a successful recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism, or mental health issues.

If you think about it for a second. When the individual receiving the drug rehab or mental health treatment completes his addiction treatment experience, it is the family of that individual who will be spending the most time with them. Therefore, it is critical that the person’s fellowship is one that promotes that which the individual just learned at drug treatment in order to reinforce the foundation of sobriety.

Family Focused Drug Treatment Therapy

Those family members who participate of the family support/therapy program get to learn about the following topics and more:

  • Co-dependency issues and how this can have an effect on them and their loved one.
  • It teaches them about the illness of addiction and how best to help their loved one in the recovery process.
  • It educates them about what are healthy relationships among their family nucleus.
  • It instructs the participant about what are drug or alcohol triggers, thoughts, and cravings and the cycle of addictive behavior.
  • It explains and outlines what the common symptoms of a relapse are and how to properly act in time in order to avoid it.
  • It describes places that the family should avoid as well as the individual who was affected by addiction.
  • It teaches the family about the “eternal baby syndrome.”

E-Therapy for Long Distance Family Support

But what happens if a family members lives far from the drug rehab facility? No problem. Because we serve clients from all over the world, House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida utilizes technology that is accessible almost everywhere for those who cannot make it in person to our facility. All of these services are supervised by a certified e-therapist that has been properly trained in e-Therapy.

Complete Confidentiality and Identity Protection

What if I do not want my identity to be known during these sessions? We have you covered. Because our staff has been certified in e-therapy, we make avatars available for those family members who wish to keep their identity confidential.

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