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History & Mission

History & Mission

Our Story

estaban-morales, history & missionPastor Esteban Morales was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, December 22, 1950. He earned a degree in Medical Technology, a profession that he undertook for some time before falling in a painful addiction to drugs. Jesus Christ arrived at his life at the age of twenty-five, in a campaign of the international evangelist Nicky Cruz, accompanied by the orchestra of Bobby Cruz and Richie Ray. He was disciplined by Pastor Bobby Cruz and called into ministry in only a year of his conversion.

As an evangelist and pastor, he developed outdoor campaigns and worships in many penal institutions in Puerto Rico. In the year 1985, he decides to open the center “Key to Liberty” in Carolina, PR. This center gave former-confined individuals a transition home when they finished their prison sentences. Pastor Morales also founded similar homes in Curazao, efforts to which he dedicated 10 consecutive years of his life.

In May 1st, 1991, already established with his family in the city of Kissimmee, Florida, Pastor Morales and his beloved wife Olga, began what would become their greatest venture, HOUSE OF FREEDOM. House of Freedom is dedicated to the rehabilitation of individuals with problems of addiction to drugs. For more than 19 years they have worked successively in favor of people who suffer from addiction. The fruits of their work are evident in the many lives that have received restoration and words of consolation, thanks to their dedicated service.

Citing the words of Evangelist Nicky Cruz in the farewell of his beloved friend, he said,
“The dreamer dies, but not the dream, because the dream belongs to God.”

The mission of House of Freedom is to provide each client the opportunity to achieve the highest physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Care, Compassion, and Commitment will be basic principles to attain this, sustained by a neat, secure, and reliable environment.

To accomplish our mission we hold these corporate values as central to our success:

Spiritual Values

We embrace and promote spiritual values of our Christian heritage to guide our ethical decision-making and to promote wholeness in our staff and those that we serve.

Customer Service

We value an uncompromising dedication to understanding and satisfying the person served.

Valued Employees

We recognize and reward the contributions of our employees, and believe that qualified, committed, and caring professions are our most valuable asset.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace change and continually seek ways to provide quality, cost-effective health services that meet or exceed our consumer’s expectations.

Public Accountability

We are responsive to the needs of our community and are committed to promoting and providing appropriate community-centered services to improve the health status of the people we serve.

Respect We value an atmosphere of trust and fairness and hold the highest regard for the worth and rights of others.


We value team accomplishments through collaborative efforts and support the physicians and other professionals who share responsibility for the care given.

Financial Strength

We practice prudent business planning and cost management strategies to ensure financial viability and responsible growth.

In the midst of hard work, tireless struggles and suffering a terminal illness, Pastor Esteban Morales passed away on February 23, 2005. He already rests with the Lord, but his work has not died, they continue to live in a legacy left in the hands of his family, who united to a ministerial body, continue the work he began. He has a clear history & mission, and is working on it now.