Addiction Cognitive Therapy at Florida Drug Rehab Center

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Drug rehab centers in Florida offer a large number of treatments and programs which can cure drug addictions. These several programs often confuse the addict and/or their loved ones, because they dp not know which treatment to go for. There is also a lack of statistics and data regarding different programs and their success rates. Good rehab centers always do research on their treatments and make available their statistics to their clients. Going through statistics and previous experiences of clients can help an addict choose the kind of treatment he/she would require. The addict should also read up on different programs and therapies offered by the rehab centers in Florida to choose the best one according to his life style.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has always been used in treating anxiety disorders, depression, phobias, and many other kinds of mental disorders but now the drug rehab centers in Florida are widely using cognitive therapy treatments for alcohol and drug addiction too. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has proven to be quite effective in treating drug addiction and alcoholism.

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a therapy which focuses on addicts’ behaviors and feelings. The idea is that an addict’s behavior is driven by his thoughts and not an external stimulus. External stimuli can be his surroundings, situations, events, and people around him. The idea used in cognitive behavior therapy is that people can’t change their surroundings or events they go through, but they can always change the way addicts think about them, and hence change how they behave and feel.

For treatment of drug dependence or alcohol, the cognitive therapist teaches addicts to realize situations in which they are most likely to consume drug or alcohol. Cognitive therapy helps them to avoid such situations if possible, and assist them with other behaviors and issues that would lead to the drug and alcohol abuse.

Components of CBT

To treat drug dependence and alcohol addiction, cognitive behavior therapy provides two major components: skills training and functional analysis.

Skills Training

Addicts are mostly people who manage their problems by consuming drugs and alcohol. They think it as a coping strategy. In Skills Training, the therapist helps the addict with other coping strategies and makes them relearn more effective coping skills. The goal of the therapist is to make the addicts unlearn their old habits and develop new healthier habits and skills.

Functional Analysis

In Functional Analysis, the therapist and the addict work together to recognize the situations, feelings and thoughts of the addict before they consumed the drug or alcohol. They also identify the circumstances after the alcohol and drug abuse. This helps in determining the risk of a relapse. Functional analysis also provides addicts an insight as to why they consume harmful substances.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aims to educate the drug and alcohol addict to modify their thinking regarding substance abuse and educate them with new ways for coping with their situations that led them to drugging and drinking previously.

Duration of Cognitive Therapy

In a good drug rehab center of Florida, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is well structured and short term. The addicts usually have to complete 12 to 16 sessions with their therapist.

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