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Cocaine, also known as Crack and Snow, is the expensive way of getting ‘high’. Usually associated with celebrities, cocaine is an addictive drug that produces intense euphoria.  Many of its users end up in addiction treatment center Florida.

Cocaine is usually snorted or injected to produce an instantaneous effect. It is also smoked with marijuana and tobacco. A practice known as “speed balling” usually involves abusing cocaine along with other drugs.

Addiction Treatment Center Florida – Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Abuse

The most apparent sign of cocaine addiction is increased craving for the drug. As your addiction becomes stronger, your cravings will become more intense in nature and that can lead you to take extreme measures to obtain the drug. Some other signs of cocaine addiction are:

  • An increase in dosage to get the ‘high’.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after the ‘high’.
  • Frequent usage of the drug and inability to stop.

Addiction Treatment Center Florida – The Cocaine ‘High’

The effect of cocaine’s euphoria largely depends on the method which is used to inject the drug. Smoking or an intravenous injection causes the drug to induce an immediate euphoric reaction which is known as a ‘rush’. Besides the rush, some of the other effects of drugs include an accelerated mental activity leading to alertness, increase in restlessness and anxiety.

Addiction Treatment Center Florida – Effects of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine affects psychological as well as physical metabolism of the body. The effect of cocaine usually depends on the purity of the drug and the body’s reaction to it. Some of the immediate effects of the drug on the body include:

  • An Increase in blood pressure and body temperature
  • Contraction of blood vessels
  • Dilation of pupils

Some of the severe symptoms of drug abuse can include:

    • Immediate death
    • Failure of heart
    • Seizure and stroke

Addiction Treatment Center Florida  – Treatment to Addiction

Most of the drug rehabilitation centers in Florida include an emphasis on psychological treatment rather than physical treatment. Since the effect of cocaine is in the mind rather than on the body, it is best to seek a drug rehabilitation treatment center. The withdrawal symptoms of cocaine include:

      • Migraines
      • Anxiety Attacks
      • Paranoia
      • Depression

Treating cocaine addiction involves identifying the underlying issues that initially led to drug abuse. Since cocaine addiction is more psychological in nature, it usually includes discovering the thought process and disrupting it to avoid the cravings. Many drug rehabilitation centers in Florida educate their patients in cravings management skills that include identifying the triggers that led to the drug abuse in the first place and disrupting the pattern to avoid usage and relapse. Some of the treatment methods employed includes cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis and diversion techniques that enable an abuser to think about a life other than the drugs.

Drug addiction is a cognitive disease which leads to disruption of a healthy life and causes a great deal of harm to the abuser as well as the family and friends of abusers too. To return to a healthier and normal life, it is necessary that the drug abuser seek the necessary treatment that is required to rehabilitate them into a healthier lifestyle.

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