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Because of our more than 20 years of drug rehabilitation services in Orlando Florida we have learned that cocaine is one of the most popular recreational drugs in the world. It is widely used in the United States and is easily accessible to most people. Cocaine drug abuse is nothing new, the drug has been around for ages and people of all age groups have used this drug. Cocaine is obtained from the leaves of the cocoa plant and because of its negative effects on the human body it has been made illegal in most countries across the globe. Cocaine can be snorted, injected or even smoked. It is basically a nervous system stimulant which affects the processing and functioning of the brain. This is a powerful drug that creates a sense of exhilaration and gets you high. Users of this drug get a carefree feeling. They are more alert and have a lot of energy. But the price of this short burst of goodness is very heavy indeed. Cocaine can have detrimental short term and long term effects on your health. Doctors working in Orlando addiction treatment centers in Florida believe that millions of Americans are suffering from cocaine addiction. Let’s discuss the negative effects of cocaine in more detail.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Fact 1 – Feelings

Cocaine can have a psychological impact as well. Regular users of this drug are likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Experts at drug treatment centers in Orlando Florida believe that an overdose of cocaine can even lead to death. It is a heavy price for a little recreation.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Fact 2 – Dependency

The feelings of goodness created by cocaine consumption are short lived and soon you are suffering from the after effects of this drug. Cocaine interferes with the dopamine in your brain and creates a craving for the drug. Cocaine users become helpless as their bodies become dependent on the drug.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Fact 3 – Eating and Sleeping Disorders

Doctors at addiction treatment centers in Orlando Florida claim that cocaine has also been linked to eating and sleeping disorders. Abusers of this drug mostly suffer from insomnia and loss of appetite. Even if you do get some sleep you are still likely to get restlessness when you wake up. Cocaine users are more fatigued and suffer from aches all over their body.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Fact 4 – Heart

Cocaine is very bad for the health of your heart. According to doctors at a Orlando drug treatment center in Florida, it can increase blood pressure and heart rate. The blood flow to the heart is also reduced which can even lead to a heart attack.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Fact 5 – Brain

The brain is the most essential organ in your body. Cocaine is one drug that can adversely affect your brain. If the blood vessels are constricted then you can possibly get a stroke. Experts at addiction treatment centers in Orlando Florida have noted violent behavior in people who excessively use this drug.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Fact 6 – Lungs and Kidneys

Even your lungs and kidneys won’t be spared by cocaine abuse. Smoking cocaine can cause lung irritation and in some cases even cause permanent lung damage. The kidneys can also fail due to cocaine use. High blood pressure can damage your kidneys and affect the bodily function.


Doctors at drug treatment centers in Orlando Florida believe that cocaine addiction is one of the worst types of addiction. They believe that anyone suffering from this problem should be instantly brought to a rehab center for treatment.

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