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Depression is a rising concern among many psychologists. And depression that leads to the use of drug addiction treatment services even more so. Research shows that more and more people are developing some form of depression and resorting to drugs as a way to cope. This is worrisome as depression in itself causes many problems and drugs are no solution. But how do you define depression and what are its symptoms? The biggest question is, are you also dealing with depression by turning to drugs to reduce the unbearable feeling? Here is a short guide that might be helpful for you or your loved one.

Depression and its Symptoms

Going through phases of sadness when you experience a negative setback or other such disappointment, does not mean you are going through depression. Rather depression is an extended period of lifelessness, dejection and feelings of apathy. It is different for every individual and can become highly dangerous if it lasts for more than a week. There are many symptoms of depression. Some are:

  • Loss of appetite: If you feel that you don’t feel like eating anymore and experience some significant weight loss in a short span of time.
  • Insomnia: When you have trouble sleeping at all or when your sleep becomes irregular. You might even start sleeping more, a condition known as hypersomnia.
  • Feelings of dejection, hopelessness and gloom: Patients develop a negative and bleak outlook about their lives with no hope for the future. Some even have strong hatred for themselves and everyone around them.
  • Physical pain: Some people even experience physical symptoms like unexplained stomachaches or headaches.
    If you experience any of the above symptoms or some like them, consult a doctor or talk to a psychiatrist. It’s best to get depression treated in its earliest stages otherwise it could even become suicidal or homicidal.

Depression and Drugs

In such cases, many people turn to drugs to obtain relief from things they think are unmanageable. They don’t realize that drugs worsen the condition instead of making it better. This education is given at drug addiction treatment centers Orlando Florida.

When someone turns to drugs because of depression, then they need to be treated for both issues. Inpatient drug treatment center Orlando FLorida has special programs that teach their patients to overcome both problems. The patient is first made to go through detoxification and is then turned sober. After that they are given many counseling and group therapy sessions that consist of the following:

  • Talking about problems with the expert counselors. Discussing the problem helps the patients to come to terms with it. Counselors also help them find solutions for those problems.
  • Addicts are taught skills and techniques to deal with their depression as well as drug dependency.
  • Group sessions give them the consolation that they are not the only ones going through problems and that others are there too. They make friends who accept them and respect them.

The most important thing to do is seek help from the onset of depression. But if addiction has taken over your life, then get yourself or your loved one immediately in a drug addiction treatment center Orlando Florida so that there are more chances of recovery and less chances of a relapse.

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