Addiction Treatment Center Orlando Florida – What is Detox?

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Detoxification is the first step in drug rehab services. An individual takes this step towards sobriety after developing a dependence on drugs. This process has become common practice at places like addiction treatment center Orlando Florida. Drug addiction is a serious problem that we face today as a society and all these measures are taken to cure our bodies and mind. Drug addicts find it very hard to quit drugs once they are hooked and it is through this detoxification process that they are cured. Once the harmful toxins are removed from your body the road to recovery can begin. The detoxification process can be carried out at home or at a facility like substance abuse treatment center Orlando Florida. It all depends on the condition of the patient and the type of drug that has been abused. Let’s discuss the process of drug detoxification in more detail.

Orlando Drug Addiction Treatment Detox Fact 1 – Purpose of Detox

According to addiction treatment center Orlando Florida the main purpose of detoxification is to cleanse your body. Every year thousands of people in the United States turn up to get this treatment done. Detoxification is a good choice for those people who are addicted to a variety of substances. The treatment is divided up into different steps to ensure easy transition. Anyone suffering from drug addiction should seek treatment at professional rehab centers such as substance abuse treatment center Orlando Florida.

Orlando Drug Addiction Treatment Detox Fact 2 – Types of Detoxification

There are a couple of different types of detoxification processes available. Some of the most common ones include turkey detox and maintenance detox. The turkey detoxification process is used in extreme cases when the patient needs to be instantly stopped from consuming drugs. It is best that this detox is performed in a supervised setting at an institution like addiction treatment center Orlando Florida. This way you will be able to get proper care at all times. On the other maintenance detoxification eases the withdrawal process. It reduces addiction to the drug and eventually ends your dependence on the drug.

Orlando Drug Addiction Treatment Detox Fact 3 – Rapid Detoxification

According to doctors at substance abuse treatment center Orlando Florida there is no such thing as rapid detoxification. Some treatments centers wrongly advertise this to bring in customers. This service promises to cleanse your body of toxins within just a matter of hours. However this method is still new and not proven on a large scale which means that it may not be completely safe. So it is for the best that you stick to the normal practices rather than going overboard.

Orlando Drug Addiction Treatment Detox Fact 4 – Rehab and Aftercare

Experts at addiction treatment center Orlando Florida recommend that you go foe the complete treatment package and not just detoxification. If proper care is not taken after detox than the patient will suffer again, it is essential that you seek help. A rehab center is the perfect place where you will be looked after.


Substance abuse treatment center Orlando Florida experts say that the detoxification is essential and is part of the complete recovery process. Those who want to get rid of drugs from their system should definitely consider this method.

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