Addiction Treatment Center Orlando Florida Why is it Hard

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Drug addiction is very difficult to control once it sets in and many individuals require drug rehab services. Most drugs have such properties that make them extremely addictive. Doctors at addiction treatment center Orlando Florida believe that addicts need specialized treatment to cure this problem. Throughout the world drug abuse is a major problem and it affects all segments of society, the rich, poor, young and old. The healing process can take time as well but making the decision to quit is the first step. Let’s take an in-depth look into the world of drugs and learn more about them.

Orlando Drug Rehab Fact 1 – What is Drug Addiction?

Basically drug addiction is a complex disorder which is brought about by compulsive drug abuse. Those who are addicted have uncontrollable urges towards the drug despite its negative effects. The sensory perception of the brain is distorted and the addict loses the ability to make decisions. Experts at drug treatment center Orlando Florida claim that this behavior may be difficult to understand but it is the effect of the drug that causes it.

Orlando Drug Rehab Fact 2 – False Assumptions

According to addiction treatment center Orlando Florida experts many drug addicts start taking drugs at a young age. At this time they are unaware of the harmful consequences of the drug. Most people think that they can control drug use at will but they are wrong. Drugs can impair the cognitive functioning of the brain and as a result you act on impulse. The craving for the drug grows as you consume more of it.

Orlando Drug Rehab Fact 3 – High Tolerance

By the time a patient is admitted into a drug rehab center he has developed such a high tolerance level for drugs that it is harder to quit. Drug treatment center Orlando Florida analysts tell us that tolerance is both a physical and psychological process, at first the drug may feel unpleasant but with time your body learns to adjust to its effects. High consumption of the drug reduces your sensitivity to it and as a result you want more of it.

Orlando Drug Rehab Fact 3 – Withdrawal Fear

Experts at drug treatment center Orlando Florida claim that a lot of people just won’t quit drugs because of the fear of withdrawal symptoms. Your body gets so used to these drugs that when you try to quit your body reacts negatively. Physical withdrawal from these drugs can be very unpleasant. You may experience aches all over your body, depression and anxiety are also among the risks.

Orlando Drug Rehab Fact 4 – Blocks to Quitting

Often people consume drugs to get rid of feelings of unhappiness and guilt. Those people who regularly feel neglected or out of the lime light might take up drugs as a solution to their problems. These people fear that if they quit drugs then these problems will re-enter their life.

Orlando Drug Rehab Fact 5 – Acceptance

Experts at addiction treatment center Orlando Florida tell us that acceptance is the first phase of the recovery process. Once an addict admits that he has a problem the healing can then begin. It is not easy to quit drugs by any stretch of the imagination but through support and determination it can be done.

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