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The overdose of this depressant has immense psychological and physical effects. The main reason alcoholics start depending on alcohol is because they want to stop feeling responsible for their actions, and many do not use alcohol treatment services. This, in return, results in poor judgment and irrational thinking.

When alcoholics go through alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida, their conscience re-awakens and they start amending relationships. This is the reason why inpatient and outpatient alcohol treatment centers Orlando Florida encourage the involvement of family and friends in the rehab process.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Facts And Figures

There is no denying the fact that alcoholism is injurious to health. Despite this fact, many people fall prey to this disease. Educating people about its adverse effects may save them from indulging in this fatal activity.

  • Alcohol addiction often results in long-term fatal diseases like organ failure, cardiovascular disease, dementia, mouth diseases, anxiety, throat cancer and many more.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol may even result in alcohol poisoning which consequently results in coma, loss of consciousness and instant death.
  • Psychological effects of alcoholism reflect on society as well; by the involvement of alcoholics in violence, drunk driving, and inadvertent sexual activities. This happens because alcohol compromises the conscience and rational thinking.
  • In the United States, alcoholism is the third highest cause of death. Every year, around 80,000 people die due to excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Deaths involving alcoholism include 5,000 people who are younger than 21 years old. These deaths are caused by accidents, homicides, alcohol poisoning and other associated damages.
  • ‘Binge drinking’ is a term coined for alcoholics who can swallow a large amount of alcohol in a very short time. For women, binge drinking means more than 4 drinks within two hours, whereas for men, it accounts for more than 5 drinks.
  • Binge drinking is common in youngsters; i.e. people in the age group from 18 to 34.
  • The side effects of binge drinking include unplanned pregnancy, accidents, violence, sexually transmitted diseases, actions causing public embarrassment and alcohol dependency.
  • As compared to women, men fall prey to alcoholism twice as much. Consequently, they engage in car accidents and sexual abuse twice as much as women.
  • 17 percent of men and 8 percent of women are dependent on alcohol.
  • According to the statistics, 70 percent of 18 year olds and 80 percent of college students suffer due to alcohol abuse.
  • Youngsters having a drinking problem have 7.5 times more chances of having drug problems as well. According to a survey, 32 percent of alcoholics, above 12, were also illegal drug abusers.
  • In 2005, the root cause of 39 percent of traffic accidents and 40 percent of violent crimes was alcohol.
  • According to Alcohol Rehabilitation statistics, 21.9 percent of people are admitted in alcohol rehab Orlando Florida to find a cure for alcoholism. Out of these, 8 percent quit the rehab program while the rest successfully go through with it.

If we teach people about the harmful effects of alcoholism on the society as well as individuals, there is a chance that we can save them from being a victim of this disease.

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