Alcohol Rehab Center Orlando Florida Alcoholism in Women

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Experts at alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida claim that women are more vulnerable to the effects of drug abuse than men, and in need of alcohol rehabilitation services. The truth is that we are all affected adversely; the only difference is that some are affected more than others. Women of all ages consume alcohol which is definitely a worrying sign for all of us. It shows that as a society we are heading down a dark path. Experts at alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida say that although men drink more alcohol than women, it is the latter who suffer more.

The effects of alcohol abuse are more visible in women as the toxins from alcohol stay in their system longer. Because of the different body structures, men and women metabolize and absorb alcohol differently. When a woman consumes alcohol it becomes more highly concentrated in her blood which means that women get intoxicated faster than men. Let’s discuss this subject in more detail and look at the harmful effects of alcohol on women.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando – Liver Damage

Liver disease is very commonly linked to alcohol abuse. However women are more likely to suffer from it even if their consumption level is less as compared to men. Alcoholic hepatitis is another serious disease that can even lead to death.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando – Brain Damage

According to alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida, research has proven that women who consume excessive alcohol are more likely to suffer from brain damage as compared to men who do the same. Brain shrinkage and memory loss are commonly reported problems. Other brain functions are also likely to be affected severely.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando – Heart Disease

Heart related problems are also common amongst alcoholics. Heavy drinkers are at a higher risk of suffering from heart attacks. Although those who drink one or two drinks per day might be less vulnerable to heart attacks as alcohol in moderation can be good for your health.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando – Cancer

Alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida experts believe that a number of diseases can be linked to alcohol abuse. One of the most serious life threatening diseases you can get is cancer. Women who are addicted to alcohol are likely to suffer from mouth, throat and liver cancer. Alcohol abuse has also been associated with breast cancer in women. Experts from alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida say that although alcohol may not directly cause cancer, it can increase the risk.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando – -Sexual Assault

According to statistics from alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida women who are drunk are prone to sexual assault. This is mostly experienced by young women who are more outgoing.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando – Rash Driving and Car Crashes

Drunken driving incidents are very common in the United States. These accidents can be fatal and at times also take the lives of other innocents. Experts at alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida recommend getting help immediately if faced with such a situation.


Women are less likely to be addicted to alcohol as compared to men but it seems that is unimportant when it comes to health risks posed by alcohol abuse. If you or anyone close to you is suffering from such problems than get in touch with a reliable rehab center like alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida.

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