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Alcoholism is the most severe level of drinking problem a person might experience. Individuals needing alcohol treatment services is on the rise. While during alcohol abuse a person is still able to set limits to his drinking, in alcoholism they become completely dependent on alcohol in order to function properly. The symptoms that you are becoming an alcoholic include all those that are experienced by those who indulge in alcohol abuse, but there are certain things that can clearly indicate that a person has now entered into a stage of alcohol dependence and should visit an alcohol rehab center in Orlando Florida at the earliest.

The most major symptom that indicates a person’s alcohol dependence is their physical dependency on the use of alcohol. People who are alcoholic cannot find the energy to get up and perform their everyday tasks without having alcohol. This complete physical dependence on alcohol is a clear indication that an individual is no longer merely abusing alcohol but is completely addicted to it.

Another sign that indicates that you are turning into an alcoholic is the increased level of tolerance you might show to alcoholic beverages. If you need to drink more than normal in order to feel drunk or you can consume large amounts of alcohol compared to others without getting drunk, it is a sure sign you are building up a higher tolerance level for alcohol, which is a clear sign of alcoholism. As the time goes on, the tolerance level keeps increasing and people start consuming more and more alcohol. Before this happens, going to an Orlando alcohol rehab center in Florida for help is very important.

The occurrence of withdrawal symptoms more frequently is a dead giveaway of alcohol dependence. At the alcohol abuse level, withdrawal symptoms are only noticed when a person tries to give up the addiction, staying clean for a certain time. In alcoholism however, these symptoms start making an appearance in a matter of hours. People who are alcoholics find it difficult to even get out of their bed in the morning without having a drink first.

Not only do these people experience withdrawal symptoms more often, but also, in their quest to get rid of these signs, they start drinking more heavily becoming even more dependent. The most common symptoms of withdrawal include anxiety, sweating, nausea, trembling, headache, fatigue, loss of sleep and appetite, irritability and depression. In severe cases however, people who are at the withdrawal stage can often experience more alarming situations such as hallucination, fever, agitation or seizure. Visiting an alcohol rehab center in Orlando Florida when such symptoms appear is very crucial.

Losing control over your alcohol consumption is another factor that indicates complete alcohol dependence. In many cases, the alcoholics realize that their habit of alcohol consumption is causing problems not only for them but also for those who are associated with them. These people even try to give up their alcohol, promising themselves they would drink less. However, most of the time they lose control and end up going back to drinking, and in more quantity, when the craving starts affecting them. Going to an Orlando alcohol rehab center in Florida can help individuals keep a control over their cravings.

Another sign indicating alcoholism is a person starts giving up all their energy and thought to alcohol. These people start missing out on their work, education, family and other important functions of their life, focusing completely on a single matter; alcohol. For people who have reached such a level, realizing that their alcohol is affecting their loved ones is not possible and therefore, people should make efforts to make them understand what their alcoholism is doing to their family and loved ones, and convince them to go to an alcohol rehab center in Orlando Florida for treatment.

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