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Alcoholism is a problem that has plagued our society for centuries. Since it is not illegal to consume alcohol, the cases of alcohol abuse in addiction treatment service centers are reported more often than those of drug abuse. Experts at alcohol rehab centers in Orlando Florida believe that alcohol in small amounts is actually good for your health. But we have a tendency to abuse things which can have bad consequences for our health. Alcohol abuse is common amongst youths as well as adults. Some believe that genetics have a lot to do with alcoholism with statistics revealing that children of addicts are more likely to fall prey. But what actually causes alcoholism? Let’s discuss all the causes of alcoholism in more detail.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Alcoholism Cause 1 – Genetics

Genetics account for almost half the risk of alcoholism. Alcohol dependence can be linked to your genes. If someone in your family before you was an addict then chances are that you too will follow suit. Experts at Orlando alcohol rehab centers in Florida believe that despite the genetics problem you can still control alcohol abuse. Even without genetic problems, when you consume high amounts of alcohol your body builds high tolerance to alcohol abuse. So you cannot completely blame alcohol.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Alcoholism Cause 2 – Emotional Causes

Doctors at alcohol treatment centers in Orlando Florida believe that the majority of the patients they get have emotional issues. These problems can develop over a period of time and force an individual to turn to alcohol. Increased frustration, anger and social pressure can lead a person down a dark path. These individuals see alcohol as a solution to make them forget their problems which is wrong. Alcohol blocks out emotional pain and is often perceived as a loyal friend when human relationships fail. Alcohol helps counter problems such as anxiety and depression but an overdose can be very bad for your health.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Alcoholism Cause 3 – Social PressureSocial Pressure

Often a lot of people start drinking when they are placed under increasing social pressure. It starts off as a single drink but soon they are binge drinking. Experts at Orlando alcohol treatment centers in Florida claim that a lot of people are encouraged to drink by friends and they have to do it to get social approval. The media also has a major role to play when it comes to influencing behavior. Fancy advertisements sound very convincing and can turn anyone into a believer. Remember that these companies that manufacture alcohol are completely profit driven. They just want you to buy booze, the adverse effects on your health is not their concern.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Alcoholism Cause 4 – Self Esteem

According to doctors at alcohol rehab centers in Orlando Florida, people with low self esteem are likely to become alcoholics. These people struggle to cope with the demands of society and eventually give in. The solution is to get mental therapy and learning ways of getting your confidence back.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Alcoholism Cause 5 – Age

Age is also a factor that contributes to alcoholism. The younger you start drinking the more the chances of you becoming dependent on it. People who have psychiatric problems need instant treatment from an Orlando alcohol treatment center in Florida. When they aren’t able to get proper treatment these people indulge in excessive drinking.

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