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Alcohol addiction is a severe problem that can only be cured through proper alcohol rehabilitation services and care. Due to the constant abuse of alcohol, alcoholics develop low tolerance. That is why relapsing is a common issue. But the major problem is that alcoholics never admit their problem until they are forced to take diagnostic tests.

These tests help business organizations when they are going through the hiring process. Plus, schools, colleges and universities also benefit from these diagnostic tests. Once the person is diagnosed with alcoholism, it’s better that he goes through the alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida program to cure this disease. These programs are available as residential and outpatient alcohol treatment Orlando Florida programs and you can choose whatever suits your needs.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando Florida – Symptoms

If you observe the following symptoms, then it’s your cue to take a diagnostic test to find out whether or not you have an addiction problem.

  • Constant craving for alcohol
  • Low tolerance level
  • Physical dependency
  • Loss of control

Alcohol Rehab Orlando Florida – Diagnostic Tests

There are various tests through which you can diagnose this disease. With the common use of the internet, you can even take these tests online; however, most doctors and organizations prefer to remain directly involved with the person taking the test.

Some of the most common diagnostic tests include:

Alcohol Rehab Orlando Florida – The CAGE Test

It is one of the oldest tests that that has given positive results majority of the time. It comprises of four, fundamental questions. If the answer to two of these questions is in affirmative, than the person has a drinking problem. These four questions include:

  • Do you feel the need to cut down your drinking?
  • When people disapprove of your drinking do you feel annoyed?
  • Do you feel guilty about consuming alcohol?
  • Do you use alcohol to cure your hangover or to calm yourself?

The answer to these questions is the key to determining the problem of alcoholism. However, sometimes there are factors that can give false positives to a question. Due to this reason these tests are 10 percent inaccurate.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando Florida – The AUDIT Test

This test was initiated by World Health Organization in 1982. AUDIT is an acronym for Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test. The questions asked in this test take into consideration past dinking problems. The questions probe deep buried drinking problems and bring them into the light.

The success rate of the AUDIT test is 92 percent. The best thing about this test is that it holds true for every person despite their ethnic and gender differences.

Alcohol Rehab Orlando Florida – The TWEAK Test

Tolerance, Worried, Eye- opener, Amnesia, (K) cut down (TWEAK) test is based on five questions. It was designed by Research Institutes on Addictions at Buffalo to determine the alcohol addiction problem in pregnant women. Despite that fact, TWEAK has given positive results in others as well.

The first two questions have two points while the remaining three have one. If a person scores seven points on the test, he is diagnosed with alcoholism.

The purpose of designing these tests is to make the patients realize that they have a problem and convince them to seek help through alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida programs.

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