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In addition to the physical effects, consumption of alcohol exhibits hormonal and psychological effects. This is the main reason why alcoholics are attracted to alcohol, and many need alcohol addiction treatment services. The body responds to these changes and falls into an unnatural pattern which is hard to break. That is why alcoholics need professional help from alcohol rehab centers Orlando Florida to cure this disease.
The feelings triggered under the effect of alcohol are dependent on the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Alcoholics usually experience these feelings:

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Confusion

The state of confusion arises when the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is from 0.18 percent to 0.30 percent. This state of mind caused indecisiveness, dizziness and confusion. Inability to make decisions may force them to achieve their desired goal through violence.

When going through alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida, alcohol withdrawal from the body transfers them into the confused state once more. Complex questions like the meaning of life and its purpose may revoke their state of confusion and increase the chance of relapsing. In such situations patients should be encouraged to talk about their fears and disappointments.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Euphoria

Alcoholics experience euphoria when the alcohol concentration in their blood falls between 0.03 percent and 0.12 percent. It enhances their confidence and forces them to take bold actions. Most alcoholics commit crimes of passion in this emotional state. Later, they are unable to remember their actions as euphoria causes them to lose their focus and eliminates the memory temporarily.

Alcoholics subjected to this state of mind also suffer from uncoordinated movements. Plus, their blood flow increases which in turn escalates their pulse rate. This may cause their heart to short circuit any time, resulting in instant death.

Orlando Alcohol Re – Excitement

Alcohol concentration ranging from 0.09 percent to 0.25 percent is enough to send a person into an excited state. It affects their basic senses particularly their tasting, seeing and hearing abilities. The neurons in the brain are constantly in rapid movement due to which the signals do not reach the desired destination, resulting in slow physical movements. It completely disrupts rational thinking and forces the body to go haywire.

When going through the alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida process, patients experience the opposite of excitement: depression. The depression may result in loss of weight, anxiety and even suicidal thinking. Patients are given anti-depressants to cure this disease but then again it exposes them to drug addiction.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Stupor

Alcohol concentration of 0.25 percent to 0.4 percent will restrict your movements and send you into a state of stupor. The patient loses his ability to respond and loses consciousness from time to time.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Coma

Blood alcohol concentration of 0.35 percent to 0.50 percent can induce coma. This causes them to go into a stationary state where only their brains are active while the rest of the body stops functioning. Most of the time, patients are unable to come out of their coma, are placed on life support and die due to organ failure.

These feelings are temporary and wear off as soon as the alcohol wears off.

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