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It is a known fact that men drink more alcohol than women this is why they are also affected by alcohol abuse the most, and most need alcohol rehabilitation facilities. According to research by alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida experts every year a vast majority of deaths in the United States is directly linked to alcohol abuse. This is a worrying sign for the authorities who despite taking all the preventive measures, have been unable to control this problem. Alcohol addiction can lead to violence of all sorts and it can be the source of disruption in society. Alcohol in small quantities is good for your health but men have the tendency to consume excessive amounts which is very harmful to their health. Let’s discuss the effects of alcohol abuse on the health of men.

Orlando Alcohol Treatment Center Florida – Liver Impairment

Alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida doctors tell us that alcohol abuse can severely damage your vital organs. One organ in the human body that is badly affected is the liver. Liver function can be significantly reduced due to excessive alcohol consumption. The liver cleanses your body and removes waste but once its functionalities are impaired, the waste is not disposed of properly. Alcohol rehab center Orlando Floridaexperts say that excessive alcohol can cause cirrhosis, a serious condition of the liver that can be caused by excessive alcohol abuse.

Orlando Alcohol Treatment Center Florida – Physical Appearance

Alcoholics normally have a messed up appearance. Men who drink alcohol regularly can gain weight very quickly. According to an alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida expert alcohol is very fattening and can later cause cardiovascular disease. Alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns normally so it is difficult to lose weight as well. Alcohol has also been linked to hair loss and skin disorders. Every man should only consume alcohol in moderation or else he will have to suffer the consequences.

Orlando Alcohol Treatment Center Florida – Fertility

Alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida doctors believe that excessive alcohol consumption can also affect your sex life in a very bad manner. The chances of a couple conceiving are significantly reduced if the man is an alcohol addict. Consumption of excessive alcohol reduces testosterone levels. This can lead to loss of libido and reduce sperm quality and quantity. Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that must be cured instantly before it spirals out of hand.

Orlando Alcohol Treatment Center Florida – Stroke/Heart Disease

Alcoholic men are at an increased risk of getting a stroke. These heart problems can arise due to excessive consumption of alcohol. A heart attack could end your life in an instant so the next time you go on a drinking spree, think of your family first.

Orlando Alcohol Treatment Center Florida – Alcohol and Relationships

Alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida doctors say that alcohol can impair the judgment of any individual. When it comes to relationships alcohol is a major cause of the breakdown of relationships. An alcoholic man loses control and is likely to mistreat his wife and children. Performance at work will also be affected.


The end of an alcoholic man’s journey only leads to misery and despair. There is nothing to be gained by consuming alcohol in large amounts. If you or anyone needs help then consider getting help at a reliable treatment center like alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida.

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