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Alcohol addiction is rising every day, and every day more people need alcohol treatment services. It is difficult to realize that you have alcohol dependence but even harder to seek help for it. Many people consume alcohol on a daily basis, but that does not mean that their life revolves around the need to drink more and more. When you start craving alcohol that is when you need to start worrying.

There are a variety of reasons for increasing alcoholism. What might start as drinking for fun could quickly turn into something more drastic. In most cultures, drinking is a norm, which is why it becomes more difficult to separate addiction with casual consumption. It can justifiably be said, that alcoholism is different for every individual. Becoming an alcoholic does not mean that you are doomed for life. Alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida works for most patients who are willing to leave their addiction behind, and moving on in life.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida – DSM-VI Signs

Here are the signs described by DSM-IV. If any of these criteria persist over 12 months, then that person has alcohol dependence.

  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • Family, social and work life is affected
  • Develop tolerance
  • Consuming increasing amounts of quantity of alcohol
  • Not being able to break the habit of drinking
  • Continued use knowing it can cause physical or mental problems
  • Spending a lot of time recovering from withdrawal symptoms

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida – Other Symptoms of Alcoholism

When someone becomes addicted to alcohol they are likely to experience guilt over their drinking issues. They would do anything to hide their problem even from their closest loved ones. Their need would drive them to the point where they would not be able to function properly without drinking. Not only that they would also become irritable and short tempered without alcohol. Some other symptoms include:

  • Denial: Denial is the first thing that alcoholics face. They refuse to accept that they are suffering from a disorder that needs to be checked. It is the minds way of dealing with such a problem. But if this denial goes on for too long, the chances of recovery might reduce.
  • Refusal of help from family and friends: A person who has developed alcoholism is very likely to refuse any sort of help offered by loved ones. They keep assuring themselves and everyone around them that they can handle the situation.
  • Mental issues: Anxiety, depression, feelings of gloom, negativity and hopelessness are also very common among alcoholics. When they realize that they have this problem and are unable to resolve it, they feel nothing and no one can help them. But this is where they are wrong. Through the help of alcohol rehab center Orlando Floridatreatment, alcoholism can be cured.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida – Recovering from Alcoholism

The first step in recovering from alcoholism is to accept that you have a problem. Only when you accept would you be able to cure it. The will to fight and perseverance are also essential in trying to fight off alcoholism. Get yourself in an alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida and make sure that you leave only and only when you feel that you have overcome your disorder.

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