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Research shows that alcohol dependency keeps increasing every year, and many people need alcohol rehab services. Be it among older men or younger girls, alcoholism has gotten more and more common. Most people don’t even consider it a disorder, believing they are in control of their drinking habits. This is where the mistake starts. What people don’t realize is that what once started as a fun hobby, can easily convert into something much more sinister, like dependency. Here are a few things that might suggest whether you have become addicted:

  • Unable to quit drinking even when you try
  • Increasing amounts of alcohol every time to get the desired effect
  • When your personal, social and work life is affected because of drinking
  • When you actually wait for the next time you can drink
  • Withdrawal symptoms like sweating, shaking, anxiety, stomach ache etc
  • You continue to drink knowing that it is destroying your mental and physical health
  • You hide your drinking problem from your loved ones
  • When you have repeated mood swings due to lack of an alcoholic drink

There are many reasons for rising alcoholism. They include social, personal and work related issues that might cause you to turn towards drinking. Alcoholism is not the end of your life though. If treated with alcohol rehab center Orlando Floridatreatment, you or your loved can get fully recovered and can lead a healthy, active life.
Some particular reasons for alcoholism are detailed below.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Social and Cultural Factors

In most western societies, alcohol consumption is a norm. Even people who do not prefer drinking are forced into it because not only is everyone else drinking alcohol, but also because they too are pressured to join. Some religious occasions demand that alcohol be feasted on.

Other social factors for alcohol consumption could include peer pressure on young adults, who are growing up and experimenting with alcoholic drinks. This is one of the major reasons for teenage alcoholism. Kids force their friends and if they don’t agree they are turned into outcasts. Many teens get into drinking simply to fit in and be accepted by their ‘cool friends’.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Personal Factors

One major personal reason that leads to alcoholism is stress. This stress could be due to a number of reasons like a troubled relationship, problems at work or some childhood trauma. Studies show that individuals who have faced childhood abuse are more likely to turn towards alcohol and drug abuse. Alcohol and drug rehab center Orlando Florida give special counseling to such patients.

Many people take up drinking because their partner drinks. This is known as codependency. This may lead to increased amounts of stress and strain in the relationship, instead of reducing the problems.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Conclusion

Whatever the reason may be, what people need to be educated about is the many hazardous effects of alcoholism so that they may realize that becoming an addict is a much bigger issue. If you or any of your loved ones has alcohol dependency it would be a great advantage if it’s treated in its early stages before it becomes unmanageable. Alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida works and is bound to help you with your addiction.

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