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As addiction and health specialists providing alcohol rehabilitation services we know that at an average, a normal person needs eight hours of sleep every night to prevent them from various mental disorders. On the contrary, excessive sleep during the day may disturb the daily functions of life and cause memory loss, occupational hazards and result in the form of car crashes or other accidents. Consumption of alcohol disturbs the sleep patterns which in turn causes other psychological disorders.

People suffering from insomnia take alcohol before bed in order to help them sleep. It keeps you in a lighter phase of sleep and upsets the second half of a night’s sleep. If they wake up during the night, they will face difficulty falling back asleep. That is why alcohol beverages are usually taken with supper or early dinner.
If a person continues to drink alcohol to cure insomnia, alcohol’s sleep-inducing effect will cease to exist. In severe cases, it may even result in inducing insomnia. The changes in sleep pattern will consequently result in fatigue and drowsiness during the day.

Continued alcohol consumption before bed affects elderly people more than youngsters; as their brain is more susceptible to damages. It may cause unsteadiness in movement and expose them to the risk of severe injuries due to falling or tripping.

During alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida, the sleeping patterns change again and alcoholics either face insomnia or excessive sleep. Most drugs prove useless in this scenario since the body goes through various changes during withdrawal and takes time to resume normal functions of the organs.

Improving Sleep through Alcohol

Alcohol, in minor quantities, is an important ingredient in allergy medications and cough syrups. The quantity should be no more than 360 ml. If taken within a medically certified range, it will help you sleep peacefully throughout the night. However, if the patient starts misusing their medication, it will lose its comforting effect. Medication with alcohol is also prescribed to patients who are under severe pain, as it helps them shake off pain and fall asleep.
Some of the commonly used medications that have a high concentration of alcohol include:

  • Tr. Belladonna     67.00%
  • Paregoric Tincture     45.00%
  • Terpin Hydrate with Dm     40.00%
  • Nyquil     25.00%
  • Quelidrine     25.00%
  • Nyquil Cough Syrup     25.00%
  • Elixir Donnatal     23.00%

Sleep Problems during Alcohol Rehab Center Orlando Florida

When an alcoholic is in the initial phases of the recovery process, he experiences disruptions in the sleeping pattern. This happens because his body has grown accustomed to the use of alcohol. During withdrawal when the concentration of alcohol in blood starts to reduce, the patient experiences hormonal changes which in turn affects sleep.

Side effects of insomnia may include hallucinations and fuzzy thinking. Due to this reason, the patients need to be under constant observation; so that they may not harm anyone. Insomnia in rehab patients can also be a result of environmental factors and a fear of the future. He may feel difficulty in finding a new purpose of life. All these factors combined increase the chances of relapsing. Therefore, recovering alcoholics are encouraged to talk to therapists regarding their fears and disappointments.

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