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Alcoholism is a severe medical problem in America, which affects almost every age sector. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, one in six Americans have a drinking problem. Alcohol rehab centers Orlando Florida offer emotional and psychological support to people recovering from alcoholism by providing them a healthy and proactive environment. Most of these alcohol treatment centers Orlando Florida offer confidential treatments, as the United States’ law protects the doctor-patient confidentiality.

Alcohol rehab centers Orlando Florida strive on providing a comfortable and homely environment, so that the patient does not feel out of place. The duration of recovery is different for every patient. Similarly, different treatment centers offer diverse packages for the treatment process but the minimum period required for effective treatment is 30 days.

People who are not close to their family and friends benefit greatly from these programs. These treatment centers have support groups and recovering alcoholics, whose situation is similar to the patient’s, making it easy for them to cope with the surrounding environment.

Alcohol treatment centers Orlando Florida offer help through detox, counseling and aftercare.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida Tip 1 – Detox

The detox process starts immediately after your admission in the treatment center, to make your body get used to alcohol withdrawal. This is done by giving the patient nutritious food, medication and 7- 8 hours of sleep, so that their body grows accustomed to a healthy lifestyle.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida Tip 2 – Counseling

After detox, doctors take care of the patient’s psychological state through group therapy and counseling. The patient is encouraged to talk about his drinking problem, peer pressure, and general dissatisfaction in life. Likewise, listening to other people’s bad experiences helps them establish an emotional bond with them.

Various alcohol rehab centers Orlando Florida offer private counseling for people who do not feel comfortable with sharing their experiences with a group. Special psychological therapists cater to their individual needs and treat them accordingly.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida Tip 3 – Aftercare

Staying sober in the supportive surroundings of an inpatient alcohol treatment center is easy as compared to the world outside rehab, where relapse is a common occurrence. According to a survey conducted by ‘Alcohol and Alcoholism’, around 46 percent of treatment patients relapse six months after rehabilitating in an inpatient treatment program and 48 percent of alcoholics relapse six months after receiving outpatient treatment. In order to avoid relapsing, you should look for a facility that will take care of you after the detox and the initial stages of recovery.

Post rehab facilities may include:

  • Residency in a drug and alcohol free environment where you can live and work within the community with other recovering alcoholics.
  • Individual psychological therapy for disorders like anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other co-existing mental illnesses.
  • Family counseling to encourage you to develop interpersonal relationships with your loved ones.
  • Therapy through prescription drugs like Antabuse, Campral etc. to strengthen your will and help you stay sober.

Residential treatments are designed to attract patients who are willing to recover no matter what it takes. Therefore, treatment is more strict and controlled as compared to outpatient treatment.

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