Alcohol Rehab Orlando Florida – Drinking To a Shorter Life

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Alcohol addiction, in layman terms, can be defined as an individual’s need to consume alcohol or to demonstrate an obsession with alcohol usage such that all other aspects of one’s life are thoroughly ignored.

At House of Freedom we have been providing drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in Orlando Florida for more than 20 years. Our research has shown that this addiction often stems from occasional alcohol usage intended for fun and celebration. Things start getting tricky when an individual’s compulsion to consume the beverage overshadows pleasure and starts sabotaging one’s life in more ways than deemed imaginable.

Other addicts report to have succumbed to the hazardous dependency as they found alcohol a means of solace to escape work blues or stress. Despite the fact that effects of alcohol on one’s life are well-communicated and that they encompass every single area of one’s life, alcohol has been accepted as a part of our social life.

A lot of people believe cigarette to be a greater health hazard than alcohol. In fact, to a large extent, people and NGOs have initiated aggressive campaigns informing people about the detrimental effects of smoking on health. Also, in an effort to create mass awareness, almost everyone has received a pamphlet encouraging users to read warning labels on cigarette packets. Steps have been taken to even ban smoking in many states.

Alcohol- The Life-Shortening Beverage

Have you ever wondered why there are no anti-drinking campaigns? Is it not our responsibility to inform people about the effects of drinking alcohol that might even be fatal? The irony of the situation is, we have accepted alcohol as something unavoidable. We are busy educating people about smoking when studies are claiming alcohol to be a bigger health threat.

A study released in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research revealed that society’s trend of giving alcohol acceptance while at the same time making efforts to put a stop to smoking is misguided. According to University Medicine Greifswald in Germany, a study was conducted including 4000 men and women. They were observed for a period of 14 years and it was found that average life span of those consuming alcohol was significantly shorter than those who were smoking.

A Matter of Concern- Women Are At a Bigger Risk

Out of all the individuals who participated, it was found that 153 have developed alcohol dependency. Conclusions from the research showed that as compared to males, females were five times more likely to have a shorter life span. As far as men are concerned, if they drink excessively on a regular basis, they were two times more likely to reduce their life span.

Why Alcohol Is A Bigger Health Threat Than Smoking?

Although definite conclusions putting alcohol above smoking in terms of dangers still need further study, experts have taken guesses as to why this could be true. The reasons are as follows,

  • Death as a result of smoking is often attributed to cancers developed at some later point in time.
  • Individuals consuming alcohol excessively mostly smoke and have poor eating habits.
  • Alcoholism is often the cause of obesity, which is a very dangerous health condition in itself.

For all such individuals, ana drug and alcohol addiction treatment center can be an ideal solution. House of Freedom is a CARF accredited drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Orlando Florida and has all the facilities to ensure an individual healthy and addiction-free living.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, GET HELP NOW!! Contact us at 1-888-796-8040 for more information about our drug and alcohol rehab treatment center in Orlando Florida.

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