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Alcohol addicts who undergo alcohol treatment center Florida services are very likely to relapse after their first attempt. According to a research, about 90 percent of the alcoholics who underwent alcohol treatment center Florida services for their alcohol dependency relapse in the following four years of their alcohol treatment. This is not only true for people who went to alcohol rehab Florida for alcohol addiction, but addicts who seek substance abuse treatment Florida also risk relapse after they leave drug rehabilitation centers Florida.

Relapse is more common in alcohol addicts than the addicts of any other type of drugs. To avoid this situation, it is important that addicts follow a viable plan that will help them stay clean, sober and to avoid relapse after leaving the alcohol treatment center Florida.

Alcohol is a very common part of our daily lives that makes it extremely difficult for the addict to stay clean and avoid any intake of alcohol. Anyone who is trying to avoid alcohol and is recovering from an addiction will need a lot of support from their family and friends. Support is not only required while they are fighting their addiction in the drug rehabilitation center Florida, but also when the real fight begins when they leave the drug rehab Florida facility. This is because in drug rehabilitation centers Florida, they are given an alcohol free environment where they are surrounded by people who are fighting their own addictions, but in the real world they are exposed to alcohol around the clock and there it becomes extremely difficult for the addict to fight the temptation of having just ‘one drink’.

To avoid relapse, every single person in the recovering addict’s life should help and support them. A relapse prevention plan is complicated and should be designed to suit each addict’s individual needs and lifestyle. In alcohol treatment centers in Florida, such relapse prevention plans are designed that help the addicts to avoid falling back into their addiction. Most relapse prevention plans include:

  • Therapy session that will give the addict an outlet to talk about how they are feeling after they left the rehabilitation center and the problems that they might be facing after leaving the facility.
  • Therapy sessions with groups of people who are in recovery like them. This gives them the moral support that they might need to help fight the temptation of taking alcohol.
  • Awareness about the impact that alcoholism had on their lives and of the ones around them. They need to be reminded about what havoc was caused by alcohol in their lives and the benefits that they will get by staying clean.
  • Tips on how to fight their temptations in dangerous situations and how to escape such gatherings where they are more likely to consume alcohol.
  • Tips about how to block thoughts about consuming alcohol that might lead them to actual action.
  • Ideas to manage the emotional stress that is caused after rehabilitation from any kind of drug.

It is important to understand the relapse does not happen at the first sip of alcohol, but rather it is triggered by the change in the attitude of the addict. Learning how to notice this change in behavior can be the key to avoid any relapse. Centers for alcohol rehab in Florida provide relapse prevention plans that are easy to follow and will help you stay clean and sober.

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