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Alcohol is a drug that has lethal effects on the human body, and many users need alcoholism treatment services. It exhibits no signs in the beginning, but gradually it starts damaging every organ of the body until the person taking it succumbs to it. Alcohol addicts never realize they have a problem unless their addiction starts causing them physical pain. This is when they seek help from alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida.

Alcohol changes the physical and behavioral patterns of the human body by affecting the organs in the following ways:

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Heart

Use of alcohol in a considerable amount does not cause any damage to the heart. In fact, one glass a day can prevent the clotting of blood by softening the artery walls. However, if the amount of alcohol in the blood increases, the blood vessels will shrink causing the blood pressure to rise. Consequently due to high blood pressure the heart will start pumping hard which can lead to a heart attack.

Alcohol addicts admitted in alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida are usually weak and frail. That happens because the above mentioned reasons make the heart muscles feeble, which in turn disrupts blood flow.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Brain

Alcohol intervenes with the communication system of the brain by crossing over the blood-brain barrier. The alcohol across the barrier impersonates the nerve cells and sends wrong signals to the brain. This is what compromises your judgment and compels you to do things which you would normally avoid.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Liver

The liver is responsible for purifying your system from alcohol. However, blood soaks up alcohol much faster than it can filter it out. That is why the alcohol takes time to wear off. Constant exposure to alcohol in blood will break the filtering threshold of the liver and damage it permanently. If your liver is destroyed, your body will be filled with impure blood, which will eventually destroy every other organ.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Kidneys

Kidneys excrete waste fluid in the form of urine. Similarly, 5 percent of alcohol leaves the body in the form of urine. Urine is produced by the help of a hormone known as vasopressin. Alcohol disrupts the kidney functions by blocking this hormone hence no urine is produced and blood starts to excrete instead of urine. This causes deficiency of blood in the body, resulting in high blood pressure, liver failure and kidney damage.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Lungs

Alcohol has a spirit-like tendency due to which it diffuses in the air. When alcohol enters the body, 5 percent of it diffuses into the lungs. The air sacs of the lungs warm the alcohol and convert it into vapors. This is how you can detect alcohol through breath.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab – Stomach

Every fluid initially enters the stomach. If your stomach is full, alcohol will seep in through the narrowest places and produce hydrochloric acid. That is why alcoholics admitted at alcohol treatment center Orlando Florida s often suffer with ulcers, heart inflammation, and excessive bleeding.

There is no denying the fact that alcohol abuse causes physical and psychological damage; therefore, if you suffer from this problem you should seek a cure immediately.

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