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Psychotherapy involves an open communication between a professional therapist and a client, patient or a group of people, and it is rarely used in alcohol rehab services. It enables patients to resolve their issues by addressing them directly and gaining control over their lives to steer them in the right direction. Therapists concentrate on highlighting the suppressed issues by increasing self awareness and encouraging them to come out of their shells.

Inability to cope with a trauma or a crisis may force the person to indulge in health damaging problems like alcohol or drug addiction. That is why alcohol and drug treatment centers Orlando Florida place special emphasis on the group and individual therapies.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida – Psychotherapy as Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholism, in most cases, is the result of various mental disorders. These issues usually start at adolescence and keep building up frustration until the human resolve breaks and the person falls prey to alcohol addiction. A psychotherapist tries to unfold human layers and probe the main issue directly in order to resolve it.

Many patients suffer from multiple problems like anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, in addition to alcoholism. In such cases, psychotherapists use unique techniques designed specifically for that person. It focuses on involving friends and family as part of therapy to build up confidence and make the patients feel secure.

Therapy sessions focus on stirring the subconscious part of the brain. Due to this, dreams and fantasies often come up during discussions, which are generally associated with the patient’s past and fears. Confronting these issues may not end them, but instead it will give the patient courage to face them without using alcohol or other drugs.

During alcohol rehab centers Orlando Florida, patients often encounter psychological disorders like chronic depression, insomnia and mood swings after detoxing. These issues can only be resolved through counseling. Psychotherapists find the root cause of the problem through talking and resolve them. Probing the depth of the issue may even prevent the alcoholic from relapsing.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida – Group Therapy

Majority of the alcohol treatment centers Orlando Florida promote group therapy. In this process, the therapist analyzes several patients at the same time. The benefit of this method is that it helps the patient in establishing an emotional connection with people having similar problems. The common ground of alcoholism makes it easy for them to understand their perspective without judging their choices.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Florida – The Hazelden Model

One of the most successful psychotherapy treatments includes the Hazelden Model. This method concentrates on dealing with alcoholism by questioning the alcoholic’s beliefs and thinking pattern. If the patient is self destructive in nature, the therapy concentrates on making them realize their individuality and their role in society. This can be done by developing a sense of responsibility towards their family, peers and the society in general. This is the reason why therapists encourage the involvement of friends and family in these sessions.

Many alcoholics admit they feel better after talking about their fears and uncertainties. However, psychotherapy may not cure everyone, but it will still make them strong by confronting their issues directly.

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