Approaches To Substance Abuse Treatment Florida

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To be a leading substance abuse treatment Florida, we have to keep up with the latest drug treatment services.  With an increasing number of incidents of drug abuse, there has been a rapid increase in the number of drug treatment center Florida methods that are available. Various approaches promise to equally counter drug addiction. However, not all approaches are suitable for everyone. Before selecting a drug treatment center Florida method, you need to be informed about the various options that are available for your substance abuse treatment Florida and which one is best for you. Here is a guide that will help you make an informed decision about countering drug addiction.

Disease Model Of Addiction

The Disease Model of Addiction has been dropped due to its inflexible and un-adaptive procedures. The disease model is based on the concept that addiction is a terminal disease which renders an individual powerless over their cravings. The disease is intensified by the presence of biological factors and the surrounding environment.

The disease is countered by behavioral substance abuse treatment that includes admission of one’s helplessness and reinforcement of a sober lifestyle through social circles and a supportive network. Some of the most famous features are the Twelve-Step program and the Alcoholics Anonymous support group. These approaches have been criticized by many because of the lack of any viable success and the spiritual dimension that they incorporate.

Client-Centered Approaches

Lack of success of the Disease Model gave rise to a new approach that is a bit more flexible and adaptable in nature. Formulated by Carl Rogers, the Client-Centered Therapeutic method proposes that to make a change in the abusive behavior pattern of the patient, three prerequisites should be met. These conditions include: willingness to seek substance abuse treatment Florida, effective care and support, and authenticity in the drug treatment center Florida. A majority of drug rehabilitation centers in Florida adopt this approach to treat their client and have increasingly shown considerable improvement in their rehabilitation centers while following this approach.

Cognitive Therapy Of Substance Abuse

The cognitive-behavior therapy is based on the assumption that a person possesses two set of beliefs: core and permissive. Core beliefs such as “I am lonely” are those that are inaccessible to us. When drugs are introduced, these core beliefs activate a number of addictive and permissive beliefs such as “This is my last time!” which leads to satisfaction of cravings and drug ingesting behavior.

With cognitive therapy, a therapist discovers the underlying system of core beliefs and discusses with the patients to either resolve such issues or uses mind distraction techniques that direct the addiction to a more creative outlet.

Emotion Regulation

The Emotion Regulation approach involves the identification of the negative emotional state that the abuser experiences and uses drugs to avoid such experiences. When such emotional states such as stress or anxiety are identified, the user is encouraged to counter these emotional states through means other than compulsive behavior.

Different approaches have different success rates and therefore do not guarantee a ‘magic bullet’ answer to your addiction. The most effective substance abuse treatment Florida is one in which you are comfortable and feel that you can conquer your addiction. Before selecting any drug treatment center Florida, ensure that you know what you are getting into.

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