Avoiding Relapse at a Drug Rehab Center in Florida

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Successfully completing a drug rehab treatment program at a drug rehab center in Florida is just the beginning of the treatment. It is important to follow aftercare plans in order to avoid addiction relapse.

To understand how to prevent relapse, it is important to first understand how and why it occurs. Relapse or the re-use of drugs after abstaining for a certain period of time occurs due to a combination of factors. Drug rehab centers in Florida recognize these factors as:

  • Not taking prescribed medications on own will
  • Going to places and meeting with old drug using friends
  • Isolating one’s self and avoiding using the telephone for assistance
  • Letting alcohol and drugs be around the house
  • Continuously thinking about drinking and using drugs
  • Quitting therapy and missing out on doctor’s appointments
  • Going through serious conflicts and difficulties with relationships, especially if the spouse is a drug user
  • Setting extremely difficult goals to achieve
  • Disturbed eating and sleeping patterns
  • Feelings of unworthiness, confusion and too much stress
  • Boredom and tendency to feel irritated due to an unorganized routine life
  • Negligence in dealing with personal and daily issues
  • Constantly thinking about bad experiences of the past
  • Unexpected and abrupt changes in psychiatric symptoms
  • Indulgence in obsessive behavior such as gambling, sexual excess and excessive work all the time
  • Occurrence of any major life changes
  • Ignoring all warnings and triggers of relapse

In order to avoid addiction relapse, drug rehab centers in Florida recommend identifying these factors and using a variety of recovery tools on a daily basis to prevent the occurrence of relapse. A practical plan of action needs to be devised and strictly followed after treatment to help curtail tendencies that can cause a lapse.

Relapse is a process and understanding the stages of relapse and countering it in time is crucial to successful drug rehabilitation.

The stages of relapse include emotional, mental and physical relapse.

Addiction experts at drug rehab center Florida have determined that emotion relapse occurs when the person starts to experience emotions that could end up leading to relapse in the future. These emotions can include mood swings, anger, anxiety, isolation, improper eating and sleeping habits, intolerance and defensiveness. As this is an early stage, avoiding addiction relapse is the easiest at this stage.

Mental relapse is when these emotions get stronger within the person and he/she is at a struggle within on whether to use them or not. The pull of addiction gets much stronger at this stage and it can be identified by signs which include lying, fantasizing about using drugs again and vocal thoughts of relapsing, meeting old drug using friends and idolizing past drug usage.

Physical relapse is the last stage when the battle within is over and the person succumbing to the strengthened tendency of relapsing goes to the drug dealer or liquor store and makes physical usage of the drug or alcohol. Brining a patient back from this stage is the most difficult.

Drug rehab centers in Orlando recommend continued appropriate care, regular appointments and a lot of patience in order to facilitate successful drug rehabilitation and avoid addiction relapse issues.

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