Bad Skin – Is Drug The Reason? Inpatient Treatment Florida

Orlando Vargas

They say that when it comes to health, there is more to it than meets the eye. In House of Freedom, a drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment center in Orlando Florida, we know that drug abuse may introduce a lot of health hazards, weakening one internally. It is, therefore, vital to ensure at all times that you are not innocently held hostage by any sort of crippling drug dependency.

One of the most unattractive and common indications that an individual is suffering from such disorders are apparent on one’s skin. We are what we eat. In case, the body is not receiving the desired nutrition, it retaliates by giving off signs resulting in skin problems. It is at this instant that alarms should set off that something is wrong with the body and that it is demanding medical supervision.

It is no secret that drug abuse complicates one’s health as it not only leaches the essential nutrition but also starts showing on the skin. One of the most common signs of drug abuse that one should be watchful of is jaundice. Jaundice is the condition when an individual’s eyes and skin become unbelievably pale. The condition worsens to the extent that there comes a point when yellowing can be easily detected.

In addition, hyper pigmentation is also one of the after-effects of drug abuse. The addict’s skin darkens several shades. Red-colored hives may also break out with itching welts grown on top of them. Often such welts cover a large area of body.

Discoloration is also common and while it is not as intense a skin problem as the ones listed above, it can make one’s appearance unattractive. In other words, the damage is psychological. Spider veins are also a condition worth mentioning. This is when the tiny veins in the face start to dilate, making an individual a messy sight.Angiomas, the medical name for skin tumors, are also frequently mentioned in regard to the effects of drug abuse on skin. Such tumors are formed by blood vessels that are present in the skin. Individuals suffering from the grave effects of drug abuse are also reported to have flushing of skin which is called Caput Medusae. What actually happens is that snaky and enlarged veins surrounding the navel area start surfacing. This is one condition that implies immediate medical supervision.

Caput Medusae is also known as palm tree sign because it is the condition when the patient develops what is known as Palmar Erythema. This occurs when an addict complains about reddening of palms.
From all the different types of effects on skin that may stem from drug abuse, the more serious ones are those that occur as a result of intravenous injection. Skin granulomas, infections and ulcerations are too easy to come across. The conditions sometimes persist and are recur frequently.

In light of all the detrimental skin issues that may occur, if an individual consumes a rather high quantity of drugs than prescribed and notice any of the changes on skin listed above, an inpatient drug treatment center in Orlando Florida should be contacted at once. These inpatient drug treatment centers lend a hand to individuals seeking a normal life and pleasant appearance.

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