Choosing a Drug Rehab in Florida

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There are many drug rehab programs in Florida, but not every program may suit your needs. As a rule of the thumb, if you have used more intense drugs for longer periods of time, you would require a more lengthy and intensive drug rehab in Florida.  Whatever you’re chosen program’s length may be, you would need support and aftercare once the program, which are very necessary for preventing a relapse. If the quality of drug rehab is high, post treatment services are provided, and the program not only focuses on the drug abuse but also addresses other programs which led to addiction in the first place.

Factors to Consider

When you begin your search for a drug rehab in Florida, you would probably be enticed by facilities that have been setup in a peaceful region amidst beautiful surroundings. Indeed, amenities are a great attraction, but they always incur higher costs and are not as important as other factors. So instead of these, focus on those aspects that matter more such as licensing, quality, staffing and post treatment services. Here is a detailed look at these.

Licensing and Accreditation

The drug treatment program you choose should have received accreditation from the state. The professionals and the staff employed should also be specialized in the field and should have received their licenses.


The quality of drug treatment programs can vary significantly and you should obviously opt for ones with higher levels of quality. You can gauge the quality of a program by its success factors or talking to people and families who are already participants.


Aftercare services are vital for successful recovery. Even when the treatment program is over, you should attend regular sessions so that you can hold onto the skills you develop during treatment. Doing this prevents you from going back to your old ways and suffering from a relapse. Post treatment services can help you identify the symptoms and warning signs associated, and can help you deal with the causes and situations that can lead to a relapse. As such, choose a program that offers quality aftercare.


The qualifications of employees at every drug rehab in Florida vary. A staff with higher credentials is more qualified and would provide you with more effective and thorough treatment.

Types of Florida Drug Rehab Programs

Residential Treatment

A residential program is one in which you have to live continuously at the centre until treatment is over. This program lasts from around a month to three months depending on the extent of your abuse.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization provides regular monitoring three or four days during a week. The sessions last for around four to six hours. This program is suitable for people whose addiction is in the beginning phases.

Outpatient Program

This program comprises of two to four hour sessions that are scheduled three times in a week. This is suitable for those patients that have almost been treated and only need counseling to prevent relapse.

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