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Our experience offering drug and alcohol addiction rehab services in Orlando Florida for has shown us that cocaine claims a top position among the most abused recreational drugs across the globe. Gone are the times when it was considered a taboo in society and was believed to be a refuge for the financially devastated ones only.

Today, use of this illicit drug has crossed all barriers and people belonging to all walks of life resort to it. Initially an entertainment option, cocaine has manifested its detrimental nature over the course of time with implications so severe that an addict may even be subjected to an untimely demise.

This powerful stimulant of the nervous system is highly addictive in nature. Cocaine is usually smoked, snorted or injected. ‘Coke’ is the street name for cocaine. It is actually processed hydrochloride power in the form of a rock crystal that is smoked.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a survey conducted in 2010 revealed that there were at least 4.8 million Americans aged 12 and above who confessed to have abused cocaine at least once prior to the year of the survey. While the use of cocaine has fortunately decreased in the last two years, the following aims to address a more pressing matter.

Cocaine addiction is extremely dangerous to our health without a doubt. However, what may come across an as even bigger shock is that cocaine can be the principal cause of strokes and other grave cardiac conditions among occasional users.

Researches on cocaine abuse were always centered on hardcore addicts. However, the University Of Sydney initiated a one-of-a-kind survey that intended to exploit health consequences of cocaine on those using it for recreation. The research used individuals who were not avid cocaine addicts but claimed to use it at least once a month.

They were observed for a period of 48 hours after they experienced their last high to ensure that any cocaine-inflicted immediate effects were well out of their systems. Still, the conclusions reached raised eyebrows as it was found that around 30-35% of the participants experienced the following:

  • An increase was observed in aortic hardening
  • Systolic BP rose by 8 mm Hectogram
  • The left ventricle of the heart thickened by 18%

Cocaine- The Perfect Reason for a Stroke

In addition, MRI was performed on the bodies of 20 occasional cocaine users who successfully received a clean bill of health. Physicians were of the opinion that while these users were healthy for the time-being, things may get bleak for them in near future. The research shed light on the fact that individuals using cocaine for recreational means are at a significantly higher risk for cardiovascular hazards such as heart attacks or strokes.

In fact, the research claimed that cocaine can have such a negative influence on an individual’s health that an otherwise healthy person increases his chances of having a stroke. This happens because of the following reasons:

  • Cocaine clots blood
  • Cocaine increases heart beat
  • It constrict blood vessels which eventually causes the blood pressure to spike

In light of the above discussion, it will be justified to call cocaine ‘the heart attack drug’. If a friend, family member or loved one is using cocaine for recreational means, an outpatient drug treatment center should be contacted at once. An outpatient drug treatment center in Orlando Florida is a great way to combat this occasional usage as an individual learns the approach to resist such illicit drugs. Unless and until one develops a dependency for cocaine, there are chances for things to improve.

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