Costs Associated with the Treatment of Addiction

Orlando Vargas

Finding adequate substance abuse treatment now a days can be an expensive solution that many people cannot afford. But before you turn down the choice to pay for treatment you might want to reconsider if not getting the treatment might be an even more expensive alternative. Each $1 invested in drug and alcohol treatment saves about $7 in criminal justice costs and nearly $14 when health care is included (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). This statistic demonstrate the impact that substance abuse has on our economy but let us talk about how this relates when one of our loved ones is touch by this disease of substance abuse. For those of you who know, you know how devastating it can be on the individual and the family as a whole when a family member is going thru an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. There are many sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, and the list goes on and on. One of the worst ones is, not knowing if your love one will survive another day. Many people cannot live with the fact that they could do something and decided not to because they did not want to pay for substance abuse or alcohol treatment. Therefore, if you have a loved one that is going thru an addiction problem or if you are going thru this yourself, get help now before is too late.

If you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction please contact us. House of Freedom provides various levels of treatment which help fit the need of each individual, whether it is medical or natural detoxification process, short or long-term outpatient treatment (designed by The Matrix Institute on Addictions), short or long-term residential treatment, and/or family intervention / education, House of Freedom is the place for you.

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