Drug Rehab Center Florida – 5 Ways to Prevent Relapse

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Attending drug rehabs in Florida and completing a rehab program is a big accomplishment. You realized that you were leading a life of misery, took the step to mend your ways, and here you are sober and drug free. Relapse prevention is an important factor after you have completed a rehab program. Drug rehab center in Florida develops relapse and after-care plans tailored to your needs to help you lead a drug free life after the program. Although successfully completing a rehab program is a feat, it is just the beginning. Remaining drug free is a long life journey. Drug rehab center in Florida has constructed five tips to help you avoid any chances of a relapse.

Avoid temptations

After completing a drug rehab program, some people start to believe that they can be around substances and not use them. Don’t do that. This is very dangerous. You may be able to avoid the temptation once, but that may not always happen. You may feel the temptation to experience the high just to experience how it felt like, and that may lead you to relapse. Try to avoid situations where you find yourself tempted to administer drugs. Avoid going to places where there will be substance abuse or where you are reminded of the times you used to abuse drugs. Also avoid people or situations that trigger you emotionally or physically.

Develop a positive support network

Your social circle consisted of ‘friends’ who abused drugs as well. Surround yourself with friends and family members who do not engage in drug use and are supportive of your drug-free  lifestyle. Don’t associate people in your life who can lead you to administer drugs again. You’ve made a change, but not everyone wants that. Drug rehabs in Orlando help you create support groups where you can discuss your issues and gain moral support to help you lead a drug free life.

Create a healthy schedule

Creating a schedule is a good and fun way to develop a new and healthier routine. Drug rehab center in Florida encourages you to create a daily schedule including your weekly meetings and therapies. Scheduling helps you in leading a structured life. Fill your free time with activities you like. Allowing yourself to bore on your free time can make you relapse.

Don’t get complacent

Complacency is dangerous. Many patients leave drug rehabs with high motivations to continue their aftercare program and make huge strides towards recovery. However, as progress continues, they start to lose interest in the recovery activities as they feel they do not have to do this forever. Once you find a program that works for you, stick to it and continue to make it work.

Relapse is not failure

Don’t view relapse as the ultimate failure if it occurs. It will only make you mentally weak. If you can stay clean for so long, you can do it again. Reach out and seek help. Work on your recovery program again. Know what was effective and what went wrong. By processing these situations, you can learn from your mistakes.

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