Drug Rehab Center Florida 6 Major Programs

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Psychiatrists and mental health doctors, at drug rehab center Florida, treat drug addicts differently depending on how intense is their addiction for drugs and alcohol. Some patients who are only the beginners, at drug rehab Orlando, can be treated through moderate programs and treatment methods. These are likely to recover sooner than those who have been addicts for quite a while. The latter are treated under intense programs.

Drug rehab center Florida and drug rehab Orlando offer a number of treatment programs to make sure that each patient is treated the way most suitable in their given case. Drug rehab center Florida methods can be divided into 6 broad categories. These are explained below, starting from easy and moderate to most intense.

1. Brief Intervention by Drug Rehab Orlando

As the name implies, the doctor’s intervention for the purpose of addiction treatment is brief so as to control the situation before it becomes a problem. This drug treatment method is applicable in case of beginners only and involves regular visits to the doctor.

If you sense a risk of dependence on drugs and think your occasional drug consumption may transform into an addiction, you should immediately seek an expert. The medical practitioner discusses the severe health implications of drug abuse and how to control cravings.

2. Counseling in Drug Rehab Center Florida

Besides a medical practitioner friends, family, and community groups also try to help drug addicts. Counseling alone cannot be as effective as it is when in combination with an appropriate drug treatment program.

Post-recovery follow-up at the doctor is also meant to counsel individuals. Counseling therapy helps identify the factors that trigger drug use. Psychiatrists help you manage your life and healthy relationships while improving skills to cope with cravings.

3. Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment Program Orlando

Also called IPO, the drug treatment program requires the addict to meet a minimum of 3 days every week. The meeting lasts up to 2-4 hours per day and focuses on reversion prevention. Meetings can be scheduled according to patients’ convenience.

4. Drug Rehab Center Florida Partial Hospitalization

This drug treatment method involves constant monitoring under a medical practitioner. The program is appropriate for such drug addicts who require a doctor’s intervention but are still not intense drug abusers. For instance, they might be consuming regularly but manage to maintain a stable lifestyle.

Under partial hospitalization in drug rehab Orlando, the patient is supposed to meet the doctor at the hospital for at least 3-5 days per week. The meeting lasts about 4-6 hours a day. The purpose is to train the patient to survive without drugs and alcohol.

5. Residential Drug Treatment Florida

A step ahead of partial hospitalization is residential drug treatment. In the former, addicts spend only a few hours at the hospital. However under residential drug treatment, addicts live in the drug treatment facility for min. 30 to max. 90 days. It’s an intensive substance abuse treatment and the duration depends upon how long the treatment lasts.

6. Sober Living After Completing Drug Rehab Orlando

Sober living means living with those recovering from drug addiction. This program is followed by an intensive drug abuse treatment. There are proper drug rehab facilities Orlando for sober living to help those who have no place to live or fear they might relapse if they leave the hospital early in their post recovery phase.

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