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In drug rehab center Florida studies, alcohol dependency ranks among the foremost public health problems. With 6 million US citizens diagnosed for alcohol dependency, medical costs to alleviate this condition have been a major cause of debate among many. Traditional drug rehab center Florida treatments such as the 12 step programs and behavioral therapy have rehabilitated many but at increasing social costs.

Medical advancement has led to the invention of specialized medication that is used to reduce alcohol dependency and correct the compulsive behavior. Although still in the formative stages, the idea of using medication to counter addiction is gaining popularity in many drug rehab centers in Florida. Some of the medications that has been proven to provide effective results are:


Disulfiram is known as one of the oldest medication that has been used to treat alcohol addiction. Disulfiram works by producing unpleasant effects when alcohol is consumed. The medication prevents break down of alcohol and produces aversive effects while it is consumed. When Disulfiram is consumed, a user usually experiences unpleasant effects that replace the exotic feeling of alcohol. These effects include nausea, fatigue and severe migraines.

When used in drug rehab center Florida with support and the behavioral therapy method, this medication has proven to be effective treatment. However, the medication should not be considered as an exclusive treatment method and should be used in conjunction with other methods.


Approved by the FDA to treat alcohol dependency, Naltrexone is used to reduce the frequency of alcohol consumption and avoid the heavy drinking that is usually followed by relapse. Naltrexone produces its effects by reducing the behavioral response to alcohol which leads to lowered cravings, migraines and vomiting that prevents further intake.

Cognitive impairment, avoiding unpleasant effects and low motivation can lead to non-compliance of the medication regime. Therefore, Naltrexone is now available in injection form by the name of Vivitrol which is taken by the user once-a-month.


Acamprosate is another medication that is available in drug rehab center Florida to counter alcohol addiction. It produces the same effect as Naltrexone with the difference that of producing certain gastric juices that leads to prevention of alcohol consumption and relapse management.


Topiramate has been traditionally used to treat epilepsy and impulses. With Topiramate, one can treat their addiction by reducing the compulsions and its dependency. Topiramate is known to reduce the number of drinks consumed, cravings and increase the number of abstinence days.


Baclofen is a known muscle relaxant that helps patients recover from alcohol dependence and cirrhosis that leads to increased abstinence and lower cravings.

For many years, medical practitioners have been looking for a magic bullet that reduces alcohol dependency without increasing costs and one which is readily available. Many of the medications above have been proven effective in reducing the cravings but only when used with other kinds of treatment such as behavioral or group therapy. Many drug rehab center Florida make use of these medications to bolster the recovery support along with ongoing therapeutic treatments. However, these medications are not solely responsible for stopping the abuse. That requires a certain determination from the abuser as well. Medications for removal of alcohol dependency are effective for the short term and should be balanced to reduce their side effects.

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