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Our experience as a drug rehab center Florida shows that drug abuse is an overwhelming desire of consuming drugs whereas drug addiction is a person’s dependency on a particular kind of drug substance. Drug abuse is the start of a problem that can later become so intense that a person cannot imagine going without drugs for more than a few hours.

Drug addiction or abuse is not only harmful for the people who are doing drugs but it has adverse effects on their surroundings too. They often get in fights with their friends or family, and can easily get violent and defensive. They need help from a drug rehab center Florida, but they are not willing to accept that they have a problem that needs immediate attention before it gets out of hand.

Drug abusers will try to make you believe that they do not have a problem and that it is under control, but that is usually not the case. Instead of getting help when it’s too late and the situation is too far gone, you should try to convince your loved ones to get help now, in a drug rehab center Florida, and make sure that you do not leave their side while they recover from their condition. Following are some physical warning signs of drug abusers that can help you detect if they are facing a drug problem:

  • People on drugs usually have bloodshot eyes and their pupils are larger or smaller than normal.
  • They exhibit changes in sleep patterns and appetite.
  • They can suffer from sudden weight loss or gain.
  • They stop focusing on personal grooming and their physical appearance.
  • They have tremors, which might cause impaired coordination.

Drug abuse is not only apparent physically but it also causes changes in a person’s behavior. Following are some behavioral changes that might occur in a drug abuser which will help you detect drug abuse:

  • Fluking classes, drop in attendance, poor performance in school.
  • Unsatisfactory performance at work.
  • Exhibiting secretive behavior, such as lying, or hiding things.
  • Changes in group of friends, hangout spots, and hobbies.
  • Getting into trouble at school, such as fights or exhibiting violent behavior towards authoritative figures.
  • Getting into trouble with law enforcement agencies.

Some of the psychological warning signs that a drug abuser might exhibit are as follows:

  • They can have unexplained changes in their attitude, behavior and personality.
  • They might exhibit sudden mood swings. They can be very happy or relieved when high or violent, defensive, or angry when they feel the need to use drugs.
  • They have bouts of hyperactivity, or giddiness.
  • They become lazy and lethargic and may seem spaced out most of the time.
  • They become fearful, paranoid, or anxious for no apparent reason.

If any of your loved ones have the above mentioned symptoms, then it is time that you motivate them to take professional help. Drug rehab center Florida can help drug abusers become their normal selves once again. All you need to do is find drug rehab center in Florida to give your loved ones the much needed help.

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