Drug Rehab Center Florida – Drug Abuse in Teenagers

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Drug or substance abuse is the use of drugs where a person consumes them without the supervision or approval of a medical professional. Many drug users don’t think they need professional drug rehab center Florida help.  Drug abuse is not only limited to mood altering drugs, but also includes the use of drugs where it is against the rules and policies, such as the use of steroids for performance enhancement in sports.

Drug abuse in teenagers is on the rise and measures need to be taken to control the situation. Research shows that more teenagers die from the abuse of prescription drugs than from the use of heroin or cocaine. Also, we see more teenagers needing drug rehab center Florida services.

Experimental use of drugs in teenagers can lead to the serious problem of drug abuse or even addiction. The risk of drug abuse in teenagers increases when they have to cope with transitions such as moving, changing schools, or divorce. Fear of not being the part of the “in-crowd” in school, being bullied, peer pressure, or having low self esteem can also lead teenagers to a point where they start taking refuge in using drugs to overcome their feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, and stress.

Drug Rehab Center Florida – Signs That Your Teenager Might be Using Drugs:

While experimenting with drugs does not automatically mean drug abuse, it does greatly increase one’s risk of developing a serious drug problem. The challenge for parents in today’s age is to keep track of their child’s activities and differentiating between the normal mood swings of teenage years and the warning signs that your teenager might be involved in drug abuse. Following are some common symptoms that your teenager might exhibit if they are on drugs:

  • Having bloodshot eyes, or pupils that are dilated and then normal again. Your teenager might be using eye drops to hide these signs.
  • Declining grades, bunking classes and often getting into trouble and fights in school.
  • Missing valuables and money, or your prescription drugs such as pain killers or sedatives and tranquilizers.
  • If they start acting isolated, exhibit anger and frustration, act withdrawn or depressed. Try talking to them about the cause of such behavior.
  • Changing their group of friends and being secretive about the new circle of people that they are hanging out with.
  • Sudden loss of interest in old hobbies and taking up new interests. You will often find them lying about their new activities in an attempt to hide the truth.
  • Sudden increase in the demand of privacy, such as locking doors, hiding things, sneaking in and out of the house, and avoiding eye contact.

It is a panic situation for all parents if they find out that their teenage boy or girl is using drugs. However, all hope is not lost and you can take help from centers for drug rehab center in Florida. Here, your child will find the best professional support possible to help them cope with their problem. Drug rehab center in Florida will give your child a chance to talk to a counselor about their underlying problems. Sometimes, teenagers do not want to discuss their problems with their parents and therefore talking to another authoritative figure might help them recover from their situation.

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