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If you have a loved one or relative who has fallen into the traps of drug addiction, then it is probably time for you to intervene and get them to a drug rehab center Florida. An intervention process is strategic and outcome oriented with the aim of persuading someone to end their abusive behavior and to seek help to overcome the addiction. An intervention process usually involves friends, family and co-workers who gather together and make the person realize the extent of their addiction and those who are affected by it. A successful intervention does not seek to confront an addict but to boost the addict to take the first step towards recovery.

Drug Rehab Center Florida – Importance of Drug Intervention

Most drug addicts are unable to realize the extent of their problems that are derived from their drug addiction. Some drug addicts are in denial and unable to realize the extent of their addiction or are unsure as to how to seek treatment. An intervention program seeks to break the wall of denial and address the underlying issue of drug addiction and make the abuser realize the error of their ways.

Drug Rehab Center Florida  – Intervention Models

In an intervention, the main objective of the group is to express concern and support to the individual. Ending addiction can be a scary thought since most addicts don’t know anything other than their drugs and their addiction.

Most of the interventions take place under the following two models:

The Johnson Model

In the Johnson model, before and after picture is painted before the addict highlighting the traits and personality of the individual before the drug abuse, and how their personality has been affected. The focus of the Johnson Model is to make the addict realize how the drugs negatively affect their behavior and how much better their previous life was. According to a study, more than 90% of addicts seek treatment after experiencing an intervention from the Johnson Model.

The Systemic Model

Under the systemic model, all the participants involved in the intervention process are involved in the training process and help the addict in recovery till the end of treatment. In the systemic model, each and every member receives education and counseling regarding addiction.

Drug Rehab Center Florida – Converting an Intervention Into Success

An intervention’s success depends on the agreement of the abuser to seek a rehabilitation program to end their addiction and enter a drug treatment center. To better persuade the abuser, collect all the information relating to drug treatment centers and the various forms of treatment they offer. Most of the drug rehab center Florida provide professional intervention along with an immediate enrollment into their facility.

An abuser’s motivation to end their cravings is usually high after an intervention. Therefore, it is crucial that you gather as much of information as possible and make preliminary visits to the drug rehab center Florida and gather information regarding the treatment method they follow.

Countering drug addiction can be a daunting task for the addict as well as their family members. Therefore, it is important that you show the abuser as much concern and support as possible.

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