Drug Rehab Center Florida: Drug Misuse And Recovery

Orlando Vargas

Drug abuse is not a new topic for discussion and yet, rich or poor, man or woman, you are never completely safe from falling prey to addiction. In 2013, Florida was ranked the 11th state in the United States that had the highest drug overdose mortality rate. Many drug rehab centers in Florida are working tirelessly to help people recover and to reduce the mortality rate.

1. What Is Drug Misuse?

Misusing a drug is take it for reasons other than it was prescribed for. Overtime, the patient tends to become tolerant to the dosage and requires an increased amount for the desired effects. Like any other drugs, withdrawal symptoms are expected to occur when confronted with an attempt to control it.

There are no specific drugs that can be misused. They range from illegal drugs like heroin to prescription medicines and painkillers; even something as harmless as a cough syrup or herbal remedies can be classified under this if taken in large doses.

2. Symptoms

In Florida drug rehab centers, drug misuse is characterized on the basis of following symptoms:

Physical signs

These symptoms may include increasing the amount of drug, absence of withdrawal symptoms after an intake, disturbance in sleep cycle, changes in appetite, and extreme hyperactivity.

Behavioral signs

One important aspect that drug misuse affects is your social life – not just your friends and family but also your ability to function at work and in life. Important behavioral signs include deteriorating relationships, sudden oversensitivity, difficulty in paying attention, change in habits, etc.

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs, drug rehab centers in Florida can help you identify the characteristics related to the drug you are taking and guide you to your recovery.

3. Going To Rehab

A rehab can be a single, facilitated, independent unit or a part of any hospital. Either way, the aim of the drug rehab centers in Florida is to make you stop using the drug, to help you recover, and to equip you with the tools to stay sober.

The staff at a rehab facility assesses the individual needs of the patient with respect to the addiction and any related problems. They should cover the domains of health, social functioning, criminal involvement, and drug and alcohol misuse.

Rehabilitation involves planning a treatment and regularly reviewing it. The patient is bound to experience withdrawal symptoms and will need help to overcome that craving and to stay strong. The plan should involve a range of interventions and not just prescription. It can also have individual, group, or family therapy sessions to provide a better structure for recovery.

At rehab facilities, patients are stabilized through medicines and mental-health therapy. This may be further helped along by individuals or family members close to the patient.

The choice of treatment in a Florida drug rehab center depends on the drug misused as well as the needs of the individual patients. And it should be helpful for the recovering addict who needs to learn how to cope with life again while simultaneously avoiding any triggers.

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