Drug Rehab Center Florida – Effects of Designer Drugs

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As our drug rehab center Florida counselors say that from movies to everyday reality, people and individual characters, from neighbors to acquaintances and from family to friends, tend to fall victim to the active drug dealers in our communities. Motivating them with different names that have in essence the same properties and, therefore, the same effects as common illegal narcotics, designer drugs are no different.

Since the law is behind the drug manufactures by almost two to five years, with “legal” synthetic drugs out in the market until they are specifically banned, the drug rehab center Florida are an effective option to help you overcome the problem.

Types of Designer Drugs Seen at Drug Rehab Center Florida

The drug literature available classifies designer drugs as being mainly stimulants, hallucinogens, opiods, sedatives, cannabinoids, and anabolic steroids. Although a comprehensive listing is not possible as they continue to be manufactured every day, some of the drugs that have been acknowledged are PCP or “Angel’s Dust”, methamphetamine, ketamine or “Special K”, ecstasy (“the love pill”), LSD or “Acid”, bath salts, rohypnol, and spice. These drugs are turning up more often at drug rehab center Florida.


Designer drugs are produced either to mimic the effects of known illegal/prescribed drugs or to function as their derivatives. Some people, appreciating the fact that these have been manufactured in better labs and will contain minimum impurities, do not consider the general lack of familiarity with a drug’s structure and its effects before complying to become one of its prime candidates for testing.

Patients at drug rehab center Florida often have stronger side effects on the brain and behavior, symptoms that can be associated with the designer drugs include, among others, feelings of exhilaration, decreased appetite, insomnia, relaxation, paranoia, nausea, seizures, and amnesia. They have even caused death where the person did not get a chance to adjust. The newer the drugs, the greater the danger.


Designer drugs are the most commonly abused drugs in America. A majority of its abusers, that go to drug rehab center Florida, do not believe designer drugs to be the real deal especially when they are easily accessible at social events, in company of friends. It is important these abusive behaviors are identified and proper help is sought at the right time to avoid a casual, recreational experimentation resulting in long-term addiction.

Treatment at Drug Rehab Center Florida

More and more people, particularly teenagers, enrolled with drug rehab center Florida have been involved with the abuse of these designer drugs. Although parents who are aware of this existing social persisting problem do try to keep their children away from drugs, they often look for any sign that indicates an abuse of traditional drugs. Keeping a track of designer drugs can be difficult but not impossible.

Unlike professional help in a drug rehab center Florida, a legal ban isn’t enough to stop addicts from working out ways to satisfy their temptations. A standard, simplified program will ideally cover four stages – observations, withdrawal, counseling therapy, recovery – of an addiction therapy. However, the amount of drugs prescribed will differ because of the vagueness regarding the way different drugs are likely to interact.

Given that these drugs have been designed to evade authorities, drug therapists and doctors, at drug rehab center Florida have to be flexible as they work along with the patient to find the most suitable method of treatment. Providing educational support, sharpening their inner defenses and building skills for relapse prevention is what these drug rehab centers manage for their patients to make a smooth transition to normal life.

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