Drug Rehab Center Florida: Effects & Treatment for Street Drugs

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As we have seen in our drug rehab center Florida, Any drug that has been taken for receiving its mind-altering effects, which has been abused for non-medical reasons and led to some sort of mental and/or physical damage, can be categorized as a street drug. A person dependent or addicted to street drugs can control little in terms of their purity and the subsequent constituents. While the variety is what characterizes them and makes it difficult to get treated, drug rehab center Florida wish to bring that change for you.

Drug Rehab Center Florida Fact: The Most Common Street Drugs

People often take drugs to experiment, to fit in among their friends, to alleviate boredom, to rebel or to escape and relax. A drug may be defined as popular from the number of people who use it, from its social costs, or simply from being available in the drug market at all times. They may be legal (caffeine and alcohol), illegal, or controlled (medicinal drugs like benzodiazepines).

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Whether they are inhaled, taken orally, and injected, it has serious repercussions for its addicts in our drug rehab center Florida. Taken for the euphoria, increased sex drive, and sociability, some users have displayed and reported intoxication effects like paranoia, hallucinatory disorientation, agitation, violent and psychotic behavior. Other symptoms include cardiac problems, dehydration, and a breakdown of skeletal muscle. If left untreated, it may also lead to death.


The research, in our drug rehab center Florida, show that the increase in its trafficking and use makes cocaine one of the greatest stimulants to have rocked our society. The high levels of euphoria and energy are short-lived when compared to the more dangerous effects like blood pressure and an increased heart rate. Injecting and smoking produce the most intense and quicker reaction when compared to inhaling it. Some of its physiological and psychological effects are linked to the way it has been taken. These include constriction of blood vessels, increase in body temperature, and impaired judgment, HIV, gastrointestinal complications, malnourishment, heart strokes, and death especially when taken with a combination of other drugs or alcohol.


Recently popular as Molly, ecstasy is a synthetically produced psychoactive drug that produces distortions in sensory and time perception, pro-social and emotional effects, and of course, euphoria. It is generally taken orally and as a poly-drug abuse.


Pieces broken off from the compressed cakes, balls, or sheets of cannabis plant are smoked in pipes or mixed in tea and foods for consumption. It creates altered perceptions and mood as well as disrupts learning and memory while, equivalent to other drugs, an abuse can lead to adverse cardiopulmonary symptoms. The addict seeking treatment at drug rehab center Florida may eventually face lower life satisfaction and success than they initially believed to achieve.

An alternative to this yet having similar effects, synthetic marijuana or Spice is a mixture of herbs that have a great potential to be abused both by smoking and through drinking.

Getting Treated

The programs at drug rehab center Florida vary corresponding to the drug in question. Usually, the addict can seek treatment through the outpatient program offered. For high-risks patients, an inpatient stay beginning with dual diagnosis for better evaluation is suggested. This is to reduce the withdrawal complications.

The programs ensures for the person that the drugs involved are safely being released from their body. The on-going sessions help them recover from the habits by overcoming dependence, tolerance and construct positive relationships with friends and family members.

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