Drug Rehab Center Florida Factors that Determine Addiction

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Many patients in drug rehab center Florida tell us that they have seen in movies or even in real life that some people manage to keep their senses even after drinking lots of alcohol. However, others start losing self control and rationality followed by just one serving of alcoholic drinks.

Ever wondered why there are two extremes observed across different people? Well, there are certain factors that cause some individuals to become more addicted to drugs and alcohol than others. Get to know these factors in detail below.

Genetics and Biological Factors

As a matter of fact, we all have varying genetics that we obtain from our parents and ancestors. The doctors at drug rehab center Florida conquer that biological factors differ from person to person and are specific to one’s existence. Just like our genes play a significant role in how we grow up, learn, act, react, and behave in response to certain events, they affect one’s vulnerability to drugs too.

In addition to inborn genetics, physiological and biological factors also have something to do with drug addiction. For instance, those who have certain mental disorders have found to be quite weak to withstand drugs and alcohol. Such people are also more likely to transform into drug addicts as compared to those who are mentally healthy.

Drug rehab center Florida treats such patients.

Environmental Influences

There are several sub-factors within this category that encourage an individual to go for drug abuse. For instance, general living conditions in terms of financial status and quality of life greatly affect one’s attitude towards life. People who live in poor financial conditions, suffer from constant stress, and lack parental love and attention are extremely prone to drug abuse.

Socioeconomic factors, peer pressure, influences of friends and family affect one’s expectations from life. Intense form of stress and discomfort, either in personal life or professional, can be devastating. Such individuals then seek objects and items that can temporarily let them forget the discomfort. Most become drug addicts and then require drug rehab center Florida.

Age and Developmental Stage

The stage of development that an individual goes through has a lot to do with abusive use of drugs.  Life-threatening drugs and alcohol are extremely risky to those in their adolescence years as they do not only damage health, but also weaken the brain. Therefore, kids and teenagers are more vulnerable to becoming addicts once they give drugs a try.

Human development refers to both physiological and mental growth. Human brain keeps on developing even in the adolescence age. However, brain is yet not completely developed in terms of areas, features, and nerves that govern self-control, judgment, rationality, and decision making. Consequently, the individual becomes an addict.


Control and prevention of drug abuse is possible through proper drug treatment and therapies at drug rehab center Florida. However, a doctor alone cannot ensure successful treatment in the absence of support from family, friends, schools, and relevant communities.

Though medical treatment is most effective in eliminating drug abuse from life, public service messages promoting healthy living are necessary. Media must raise its voice against substance abuse and encourage youth to show willpower to get rid of it.

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