Drug Rehab Center Florida Facts and Myths

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As many of our drug rehab center Florida patient’s family members have reported, it’s natural for you to get upset finding your loved one trapped in the nuisance of drugs and alcohol. You love them but don’t know how to handle the matter in a way that doesn’t turn them off. Knowing that drugs affect the brain and alters behaviors and emotions, you fear that your concerns may offend them.

This is the very reason why psychiatrists and mental health doctors at drug rehab center Florida are best when it comes to treating drug addicts. They treat drug addicts behaviorally and emotionally in order to help improve their lifestyle. Consequently, addicts also play a vital role in recovery and to prevent relapse.

According to the facts and statistics, more than 23 million Americans use and abuse drugs illegitimately. Even more surprising is the fact that most of these addicts are teenagers and young adults. It indeed is an alarming situation for the country because drug abuse gives rise to several other social evils too.

There are different kinds of drugs that are sold and used on a large scale throughout the United States. For instance, marijuana, hashish, ecstasy, cocaine, bath salts, salvia, molly, spice, are among the most commonly available drugs. However, several others are also consumed by youngsters and adults.

Teens are too young to withstand intoxication. Since their minds and bodies are still developing physiologically, they fail to think rationally and fall in the trap quite easily. Facts reveal that most teenagers die because of abusing prescription drugs rather than heroin and cocaine. They fail to receive substance abuse treatment in time at a drug rehab center Florida.

Pain killers being on the top of the list are mostly abused by teenagers . A survey of drug abusing teenagers in the US highlighted one more point, i.e. more than 60% of respondents revealed that none other than their friends and relatives introduced them to prescription drugs.

It should also be noted here that drugs are mostly kept, sold, and consumed in schools, as denoted by a majority of survey respondents. Synthetic marijuana, Ecstasy, and bath salts are the most common drugs used by high school students.

Though marijuana is a banned drug, it’s still commonly bought and sold. Marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs ever. In addition, bath salts also lead to casualties due to its intense side-effects. Health implications are more serious in case of teens and young addicts than the elderly.

Coming forward to even more shocking statistics by our drug rehab center Florida studies is regarding high school kids who abuse drugs did you know that by the 8th grade, more than 30% of high school students have consumed/ are addicted to alcohol. Around 20% of them will have smoked and used marijuana each.

At least one of the parents of a large population of teens in the US abuses drugs. That denotes the kind of environment and upbringing the kids receive right from their early childhood. Hallucinogens, cocaine, and marijuana are the most commonly abused drugs across individuals older than 12 years.

In view of such alarming statistics, strict monitoring and applications of substance abuse treatment become necessary at a drug rehab center Florida.

Myths About Drug Addiction

Currently drug addiction and abuse is the most hotly debated topic in the United States. Drug addiction is a problem that not only affects American youths but also people from all parts of the world. Measures that have been put in place to stop drug trafficking have failed miserably. The drug mafia continues to operate freely in numerous parts of the country. Our only hope is to now rely on places like drug rehab center Florida. Drug rehabilitation centers can help cure people who suffer from drug abuse. But before you think about helping someone who suffers from drug abuse you should know some myths about drug addiction.

You are in Control

The first common myth about drug addiction is that most people believe that overcoming addiction is a matter of choice. Some people believe that if you have strong willpower you can easily overcome drug addiction but unfortunately this is untrue. According to drug rehab Orlando experts’ drugs such as cocaine and heroin have a lasting impact on your brain. These drugs have such properties that they make you crave even more. You lose control of yourself and as a result become an addict. The longer you are exposed to the drug the harder it will be for you to quit. Will power doesn’t work if you are addicted to a drug. The only solution is medication and treatment at drug rehab Orlando.

Drug Rehab Florida is Only for Extreme Cases

A lot of people are under the impression that rehab is only for those who are severely addicted to drugs. According to medical professionals at drug rehab center Florida rehab is for all those people who suffer from drug abuse. It doesn’t matter which stage of addiction you are at you should always get professional help. Recovery can be initiated at any stage of addiction but the earlier the better. If you know someone who is using drugs you should immediately get contact drug rehab Orlando.

Addiction is Incurable

Some less knowledgeable people are also under the impression that drug addiction is incurable. Addiction is very much curable. It all depends on the patient’s willingness to make a change. Addiction is basically a brain disease that can be overcome through a combination of medication and counseling. Therapy is the ideal solution for addiction which is why you must visit drug rehab center Florida for assistance.

You Can’t Pressurize Someone into a Drug Treatment Center Florida

Drug rehab center Florida professionals believe that you can pressurize someone into treatment if the need arises. Remember that the addict may not realize that he needs help so it is your job to get help. Even forced treatment can deliver positive results. It is very likely that midway through the treatment the patient will himself realize the need for making a change.


What we need to learn is that drug addiction is a problem that can affect anyone at any time. It is imperative that we take this problem very seriously and help others in their time of need. Places like drug rehab Orlando are out there where you can go and get help.

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